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1st Q-View ani't much!

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Hello fellow smoking fanatics!


I wanted to post a nice q-view of a pork roast that I smoked a couple of weekends ago, but unfortunately my internet connection sucks so bad that after 3 hours of trying to post the q-view I just gave up.THis will be my last attempt and I am only doing one picture because I know that three just won't make it!  We made Cuban sammys from the pork roast that were delicious.


Unfortunately, my technical advisor (Trevor - my 11 year old) accidentally deleted the sandwich picture, so this is what I chose to post. The picture is really not very good, but the smoke ring is clearly visible.



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Now your pork looks fabulous and I bet it made one heck of a cuban. It was a real cuban you know with and them swiss cheese and some sweet oickles an all then you crusted it with a foil covered brick. I hope so cause they are really a great sandwich and now I'm jonesing one. Now I have to take the brick back out of the corner of the house. Great job and thoanks for stickin with it and getting a Qview out to us. If I could figure out how to give you some points for it I would so you get the at least.

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Thanks Mark, that means a lot coming from a knight of the royal order! 


The pork was tender and juicy and it DID make one heck of a Cuban...Castro's mamma couldn't have done better!


My brick was busy holding some chickens down in the brine, so I used the old George Foreman and applied due amounts of pressure.


Since a traditional Cuban uses dill pickle slices I went that way, also Swiss cheese, thinly sliced Virginia ham, and good yellow mustard, all on a baguette....fantastic. Dang...I'm gettin kinda hungry again...I think I'll go see whats in the fridge that might need smokin!





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Looks like some really good stuff to me!

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I bet it made some great sammies, Nice job!!

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My mouth is watering,it has an awesome smoke ring and looks extremely juicy...


Resize your pictures will help to upload

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