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Do you remove the membrane from ribs? - Page 2

Poll Results: Do you remove the membrane from ribs?

  • 93% (186)
    Yes, I always do!
  • 6% (12)
    meh, I'm too lazy
198 Total Votes  
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Here's a video for trimming them St. Louis style. He also pulls the membrane: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_MGM_RRTUQ
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In my early days not , now always
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While I typically always remove the membrane on ribs, lately I haven't been able to get ahold of a discernable one. The last couple of times I've bought ribs, I got em in a cryo three pack at CostCo. When I took them out, I wasn't really able to get ahold of a membrane to peel back. I could peel off what I thought was a membrane rib by rib, but not a typical membrane. Half of the time I feel like im scraping at the meat and rib bones. Anyone else notice anything like this from CostCo cryo BB ribs?
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Sometimes the membrane is pulled off already. I have gotten them at Costco like that and its great stuff!!

Im also going to try the hot water idea. points.gifpoints.gifpoints.gif
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I always remove the membrane from ribs, it just takes a couple seconds.
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I agree Once you learn it and start doing it you never look back!
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Thank you for the awesome turnout on this poll, everyone!

Maybe we were able to convert one or two people. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Hey Geico Boy.....................;}-

Does that mean you'll continue to 'Boil' them Ribs???biggrin.gif
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Always remove it.

I can honestly say I have never had a problem removing it either. Maybe just lucky I guess. Just get a corner started with a fingernail and rip it off of there.
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interesting that this just came up, yes an old topic and been hashed over but for the newbs out there i think its is really worth the time. anyway i came across this dvd at the dollar store... is a cabelas smoking meat dvd. they do a butt, brisky, ribs, and something else cant remember what. but backspace to the ribs, they talk about removing the membrane but dont. they take a sharp knife and quickly make slashes through the membrane in same location where later you will cut up into individual pieces. according to them the slashes let the flavor in as much as removing the membrane. i dunno be pretty hard for me to change my ways now but just thought i throw this out there in case someone wanted to try it. be interesting to do 2 racks along side of each other and compare, one slashed and other with membrane removed. they got some other interesting twists they do with their butts and briskeies too that i am gonna try...
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membrane removal doesn't just make for better flavor but easier eating I think removing membrane isnt that hard and its so worth the little effort it takes
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If ya dont think it makes a difference next time just cook the menbrane,,,,lol

always remove...
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I have Joe,
and I don't like chewing through or dealing with membrane left on my ribs.
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The only thing I probably wouldn't do is use this method if you are going to 'over night' your ribs...

I see NO REASON the hot water would affect the ribs if you are going to rub and throw on the smoker within the hour but I'm not sure if it is an OK practice to hot water them and then throw them back into the frig over night???

Am I being paranoid on this one or just common sense... icon_question.gif
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I wouldn't think that 10 sec. of hot water would start cooking them?
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I'm thinking, as long as you don't broach the 40° mark, you should be okay to use the hot water method, then back to the fridge. But in all honesty, I am not going to overnight my ribs anymore. I did a trial where I did the overnight thing & the "Just Bought & smoked" thing & honestly, there was no difference. The smoking method is what makes them tender & the rub or spices you use is what makes them good. People keep saying that rub does not penetrate the meat anyway, so that is how I am going to handle my ribs from now on. Just my 2c.
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Everyone who has pulled the membrane off a rack of ribs has noticed that the membrane shrinks to about 1/2 the size it was when still attached to the ribs. That is because it is made of elastin, essentially the organic version of a rubber band. Like the rubber band it is very chewy and can not be digested, two good reasons to pull the thing off IMHO.
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I'm with you Caveman, I tried once to overnight my ribs, all it did was make them a sloppy wet mess that turned to a runny mess and lost most of it when I put them on the smoker...

So I always just Rub and smoke... but to each his own!!!!!
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Me and the Mrs. went to Rendezvous BBQ last night to eat there ribs for the first time, while here for Memphis in May. She commented that my ribs were better and more tender. I pointed out to her that they don't remove the membrane from the back of the rib. Her reply was "You would think that a place with this much hype would take the time to remove the membrane and make it a better eating experience". I agreed. My opinion of them is the rub had too much Sage in it. On the up side we went to Jim Neely's Interstate BBQ in Southaven, Ms.. Lets just say I won't be going back to Rendezvous for ribs. Moral to this story.....Always remove the membrane!!
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