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Do you remove the membrane from ribs?

Poll Results: Do you remove the membrane from ribs?

  • 93% (186)
    Yes, I always do!
  • 6% (12)
    meh, I'm too lazy
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I had to poll this even though I already know the winner. It's from a previous thread asking the same question.
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OH yeah... always. It didn't really matter as much until I tried them without the membrane. I'll never go back!
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What really surprises me is that the best rib joints in town don't do this. Their ribs are awesome, but there's that damn membrane stopping the love. It makes me want to go back into the kitchen and slap the cook.
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I always remove it.
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ALWAYS remove the membrane

It can be a pain, but it is worth the gain!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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It took me a long time to learn the error of my ways by boiling & grilling my ribs with the membrane on but since I have converted to the SMF ways of TBS, I will NEVER, EVER, leave membrane on again.
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Well its an old topic but for me I consider it a must.
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I think it is a must too.
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Yep it does some good things for ya. One the membrane acts as a barrier to the rub from that side of the rack. Also it makes for a more tender rib in my opinion. Thirdly even if ya get the rack tender that thing is nasty on the plate.
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Wow, I guess I'm really that lazy. I worked in BBQ joint for a few years many moons ago and we left them on. Looks like I need to try skinning them next time. icon_surprised.gif
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I always do and I use a catfish skinner to peel it back. Works great!
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I do sometimes. If I don't remove it, I score it in a crosshatch pattern.

Through many years of testing, I've discovered that it doesn't make any difference IMO.
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I have a little trick of running HOT water over only the membrane for about 10 sec.

It turns the membrane white and makes it start to separate from the meat
which then makes it much easier to pull off.
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Great idea, I'm good at them. biggrin.gif
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It makes a difference to me when I'm eating them. The membrane is like a layer of wax paper to me, and it totally ruins a good rib.
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What he said. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Well thank you very much!!biggrin.gif

I've never really noticed it, but now I probably will.

I think I'll do a few racks tomorrow, one with the membrane & one without. I'll see if I notice a difference.
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Thank you!!
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I'll try that next time, too. Thank you!
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PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif glad you found out how to slow cook.. I just got the reminder of boiled corn-on-the-cob too.. YUK.

Definately pull the membrane off the back. Take a butter knife and run it under the membrane, along one of the ribs, in the middle of the rack. You can then run a finger along that rib and grasp the membrane and pull it off from the middle out. There's a you tube video somewhere but I'm too tired and lazy to find it and link it.
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