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Does anyone leave the membrane on baby backs? - Page 2

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pre-skint ribs

On a related note, I bought two racks for Mother's day last weekend. When I got them out of the package I found that one was already missing it's membrane. That's the first time that has happened to me. Makes me wonder if we hava a SMF secret agent working at the packing plant???

Oh by the way, I remove them. I'm too lazy to brine turkey breasts, but not too lazy to skin ribs. I guess that makes me moderately lazybiggrin.gif
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OK, I did a poll:
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I always try to remove them. biggrin.gif

I usually succeed but one time I had two racks and the membrane on one just wanted to shred so I just scored it and left it on. The other one came off fine though. Go figure.

I could tell the difference between the two. It wasn't the end of the world though.

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I bought a pair of catfish skinning pliers just for removing the membrane on all ribs
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Until I get so old I can't pull them, NEVER, or I've had to many cocktails to remember. Joke I never leave them on.icon_confused.gif
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I always remove them. They're actually easy. I take a butter knife and get them started then a dry paper towel, grab and pull.

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IMO, I feel that the membrane helps to hold the fat in the meat that little bit longer, and therefore helps keep the meat from drying out.
As I said, sometimes I pull the membrane off, sometimes I leave it and score it. It all depends.
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