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Quick question about new horizontal sausage stuffer from LEM

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I just noticed this new LEM stuffer at the Bass Pro site that comes in both 5 and 11 pound models. I think the price is pretty decent especially for the 11 pound model, but the description says "four different stuffing tubes included and a choice of fast or slow stuffing speeds".

Since this is a hand crank stuffer, what does it mean by fast or slow stuffing speeds? I know this sounds like a stupid question and I apologize, but I just wanted to make sure.
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I honestly don't know anything about the horizontal stuffers as I have a vertical. LEM builds some good equipment I have one of their grinders. I have no idea about the two speed thing I looked on their site and didn't see any info about it either. Good luck with your choice and let us know what you get. Heres a link to the LEM site just for reference
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This is only a guess but I would think there were 2 different gear settings similar to a 2 speed bike.
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I have a 2 speed 25 lb. stuffer made by The Sausage Maker. The gear box has 2 continuous running gears with square shafts that are connected to the gears, that are exposed on the exterior of the gear box case for mounting the hand crank on.

I use the separate speeds, but not just for stuffing casings. I use the power gear for stuffing, and the higher speed gear for cranking up the plate for reloading.

Having the 2 speeds is convenient, but I wouldn't base my purchase decision on having 2 speeds personally.
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I use an old John Wangner horizontal stuffer and it has two speeds. The fast speed I only use to back the plunger out, way to fast to try and stuff with. Might be the same with the Lem.
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I wonder if you could use the higher speed gear to stuff large synthetic casings (like for S.S.) or the chubs/bags for fresh sausage/burger? Something that you're not worried about blowing out??
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Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
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