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My FIRST smoke (brisket). Help me sell my wife guys!

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I bought a Cajun Injector (MES) electric smoker on craigslist for $100. My wife was hesitant on a new smoker but for $100 bucks she finally said what the hell. Guys wife was selling it because he husband used it twice. It was clean as a whistle. Help me sell me wife on this thing.

I have a 3.5 lbs brisket I am going to smoke. Cut up into two half. I want to marinade and or rub each half differently. Any suggestions? I have marinades such as allegro, a creole butter, garlic and herb.. I have rubs and spices including cajun rubs, Jeff's rub. I also have all sorts of cooking and grilling seasonings and such. For wood I have (apple, cherry, mesquite, hickory, pecan and oak)

What temp do I smoke the meat at and for how long? I do have a electronic meat thermometer.

My thoughts ---
Marinate 1 half in allegro
Use Jeffs rub (only) on the other half.
Not sure what wood?

Cook until internal reaches 160 with smoke for the first hour, pull and foil. Cook until internal reaches 200-205. Wrap in a towel and put it in a cooler. Your thoughts?

Thanks guys,
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I would apply the smoke for more than the first hour unless your guests don't like smoke flavor at all. As far as selling it to the wife let your smoking do the talking. It may take you a while but you will be putting out great BBQ in no time and she will be begging for more BBQ. My wife says that she can't go eat BBQ anywhere in town because she is too spoiled at home. Also you should try ribs, pulled pork and some ABT's that will really get her hooked.
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What do you think about the cooking method? What wood should I use?

I did one half in allegro and the other in creole butter.
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Jeremy check out this thread it should get you some great results
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i would have started a little easierA(chicken, ribs, pork butt) good luck....but jumping right to a brisket is a bold move. i hope it turns out.
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2 words...
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Never seen a wife for sale on here before. biggrin.gif
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If she's leaving anyway, might as well see what you can get in trade.

As far as woods. Personally I like brisket with Mesquite but it is a little of a bitter taste that people either love or hate. Kind of like Merlot with Beef. As a second choice, hickory maybe with a cherry or apple mixed in would probably be OK. I agree with a prior post though and think that you really should do chicken or ribs or pork butt to try to sell the idea though. Good Luck.
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Jeremy, I did my first brisket not too long ago, see my post near the end of this thread:

I'm doing my second one tonight!
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