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Cross Rib Roasts on new-to-me ECB w/ Qview

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I inherited a slightly used ECB from a friend and decided to give it a try.
I've never smoked with charcoal before but my MES is a well seasoned vet.
I had some cross rib roasts that were fairly fatty so I thought I'd give them a try.
Here they are all rubbed up and thown into some ziploks for the night.

I will keep you posted throughout tomorrow.
Thanks for checking out my qview.
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Sorry, I'm late on posting pics.
Halfway through the smoke

Just before the foil, 165'F

Pulled out at 205 and rested for 1.5 hours

Finished pulling

Q.-What have I learned?
A.-Pulled beef, although very tasty, doesn't handle the slow cooking as well with any type of membrane like sinue (silver skin). Born and raised on a beef farm, I've always favoured beef over any other meat, but next time I try pulled beef, I'll have to trim the meat a little better.
Thanks for checking out my q-view.
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The best I have seen in a long time Good work and thank for the pictures..
Glad you learn something for this smoke. I learn something every time I smoke.
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Now they look great and I bet delicious too. Now I don't believe I have seen a cross rib roast but it looks like a good hunk of meat.
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I have never pulled any kind of beef. With brisket and chuckies I have always sliced it. But your making that pulled beef look great.
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Very tasty looking Q my friend. I've never seen a cross rib chuck roast with the bone-in, here on the west coast they sell it boneless. I'm sure the bone-in added to the flavor. it's all good my friend. Thanks for sharing.
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Oh, brother smoker, you don't know what you're missing...literally...chucks are a preferred cut for pulled beef, due to a good amount of fat content...they would be the equivalent to a pork shoulder/butt.

I've pulled brisket flats quite a bit lately, which isn't a typical treatment because the flat is so can be done though. We prefer pulled over sliced here, so I learned.

Hey Grogger, I've never seen such a nice pair of cross-ribs, either. The PB looks darn good from where I'm sitting. I'm working on a couple chucks right now for PB, and we love 'em!

I'm wondering about your cut, being bone-in, and especially from the rib section...I think just smoke to 140* for med/rare after carry-over from a foil/toweling and rest, then slice it up...yea, that would definitely turn out lots of smiles.

You did try it for pulled, and either you'll like it, or you won't. Like you said though, a bit of trimming and who knows...

Thanks for sharing the review, and q-view!

Nice smoke, brother!

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