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emergency help needed regarding temp prob placement

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I've got a Masterbuilt 7 in 1 deal
The water bowl is directly below the first grate (uses the same supports).
I've wired a remote probe (tested) to this grate and I can't seem to get any higher than 173 before the temp @ the top temp indication hits 250 (I've installed a (tested) dial type thermometer by drilling a hole at the top ,near the edge.
Should my remote probe be installed through the side of the smoker just above the first rack or is it's present placement ok?
Or should the upper temp probe be just above the second grate and not at the top of the lid?
Would appreciate any help!!!
First attempt here.
Ribs have been on for 90 mins.
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A thermo in the lid will read higher than one at grate level...maybe up to 50 degrees.
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so I should place both temp indications an inch or two above each grate?
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Can you move your bottom probe up to where the top one is at just to see if they read the same temp up on top. I am wondering if you are too close to the water pan or something which is giving you false reading. What grate are your ribs on? I usually put my digital probes on the same level or grate as my meat so I know for sure the temp at meat level.
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tested both probes together and were great!!
I "DID NOT" put boiling water in my bowl and I'm sure this is having a big impact on my abaility to come to temps at/or around 212 to start. Duh!!!
Learnin quickly!!!
I've moved my lower probe to about 2" above rack and my upper probe to about the same.
After thinking about this (beer break) I'm sure that because I did not put boiling water in my pan that this is the reason I am having so much temp diff. s soon as the water comes to 212ish I will begin to be better able to regulate my temps at the upper and lower rack.
The Ribs are on both racks.
Appreciate the quick responses and I'm sure this won't be the last learning curve I catch!!!!

PS I'll let you know how it progresses and show the end result
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Glad to hear you have it figured out. As long as you learn from your experience you have come out ahead in my book. The only way to learn is to do it and see for yourself. There are always people here if you have questions.
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Thanx again for your help!!!!
Since my last panic post (LOL) things have turned the corner!!!
Obviously, once that water steals all the heat it needs, it becomes much easier to set the temps from top to bottom.
I think what was happening was the heat that the water didn't use (steal), rose to the top and collected. The more I tried to get the lower temp up to what I was lookin for, the more heat that bypassed (or didn't get used) the water bowl. Thus getting high temps at the top before the water (a slow theif) was done stealin all the heat it could. Once it was done, all was good!!!!
Important info for any other noobs out there!!!
Boil your liquid before putting in bowl and your temps will be much easier to manage from the beginning!!
I think I'll have another refreshment, now that I can relax!!!!!
Great site & thanx again!!!!
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