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Baby backs, chix, and some fresh morels

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I haven't had a chance to post any Qview lately or smoke much for that mater. Today I got my priorities straight and got some things going.
Got some nice baby back slabs at RD. 3 nice slabs in the pack so I took out half and vac sealed the others and put in the freezer
removed the membrane and gave them a nice coating of my rub and garlic.
I am smoking over apple wood today and will do them at about 225 for around 6 hours.I put them on about an hour ago. no foil. just a little spritz of captain apple every hour or so after about 2 hours.
I also seasoned up some nice fresh chicken quarter with some Old Bay and my rub.They will go on later as they will only take about 3 hours.
I had a chance to take a quick look and found a few fresh morel mushrooms today so I will be frying them up for a side and also some kind of potato.
more to come
restaurant depot has nice baby backs. I think I gave 2.69lb for these

seasoned up and resting

some fresh leg quarters

fresh harvested morel mushrooms
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everything is looking good Lar. I cant wait to see the finished ribs and shrooms.

I agree RD does have some really nice ribs, you get those @ the Lombard location?
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I usually go to the Alsip location its actually the closest
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Can't wait to see the finished shrooms.
Haven't been able to get out and hunt yet, been raining for several days now.
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I havent been to that one yet, ill have to check it out. I usually just shoot up I-355 from work on a Friday and go to Lombard.
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OMG those morels look great. I sure miss those from Mo. We have found a few in Az in the higher elevations. But very few and no patterns of growth like back east. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Gotta love those morchela we found 112 med grays and small blondes sunday, went well with ribs and pulled pork sammies. Cant wait to see your meal.
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Now I would take some of those mushrooms any way that I could get them. Now the rest of the food looks great and I bet the ribs will be great. So I guess I'll have to stop back in later.
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and now for the rest of the story

sorry I didnt get this up last night I was exhausted
everything turned out fantastic.
once again the ribs were outstanding
here's the finally !!
the shrooms flour, salt pepper, fried in EVOO and butter

I did a foil pack of taters in the smoker with onion and green pepper

oink and cluck ribs took 5.5 hours. no foil. chicken was on for 3 and I pulled it at 175*

can you say apple wood smoke ring!

plated with the potatoes
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killer looking ribs lar. really nice color and smoke ring. points.gif
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Those mushrooms look excellent and so does the rest. Used to hunt the shrooms along the Missouri river in SoDak. Man they were good.
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I just had some for lunch and they were even better than last night!
I think I found a new favorite wood to smoke my Ribs with! man that apple wood flavor is Killer!
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Thats a great looking smoke ring!!
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Great looking meal. Here's some points.gif for you.
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