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What is the best type of leave in thermometer to use. I am new at smoking just bought a Traeger pellet grill and I love cooking on it as a grill now I want to smoke any help??
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Look for a Maverick like this.
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I use a Maverick ET73 and am very happy with the dual monitoring
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In my opinion, two types of therms are a plus to this hobby.

Suggestion #1: Maverick ET-73 use to measure grate temp and internal temp of 1 meat at the same time, from the convenience of 100ft away. There was an excellent thread outlining a mod to the antenna on the remote unit to extend the range of use. LINK

Another bonus are the probe cords. They can maintain a good amount of abuse and still not break down.

Suggestion #2: thermapen, hands down. These are a bit pricey (price shop when you do buy) but eliminate the need to maintain 5+ therm units to probe and watch different cuts of meat, depending on how many things you smoke at a time. The accuracy is excellent and it has a calibration feature on it (if necessary) to ensure that the temps are correct to your region/altitude. I've been smoking meats for over 2 years and have spent more money replacing probes and base units to equal 3 thermapens, which is why I now own one PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif .
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