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Grilled & Smoked Steak Supper

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Here is what my family and I had for supper tonight. Fillet Mignon seared on the charbroiler then smoked at 225° until medium rare. Smoked ABT's stuffed with cheddar & Cream cheese then covered with bacon, Smoked Portabella mushrooms covered with White Zinfandel , butter, salt & pepper. French bread with butter & Garlic powder and a salad.biggrin.gif
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looks good, bet it tasted even better
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Love it, I just love it icon_smile.gif
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BOOOOOO I can't open facebook at work its blocked.
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Entire meal sounds delicious, especially the portabellos.
What's the deal with that smoker in your avatar? Looks pretty hardcore.
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He has links to facebook photo albums at the bottom of his post with tons of pics. That is one hella impressive rig. Great job.points.gif
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That meal was delicious looking. And that rig is awesome.
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Nice looking meal. icon_smile.gif
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