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Got me a new smoker

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I just picket up a Brinkmann vertical spli door from cabela's for 42.99 on clearance. Looks like a decoent littel charcole smoker, with vents on top and bottom, easy access to food, water, or fuel. However it has the same waste of a fire bowl as in all their other smokers. No fire grate, and I'm thinking I will need to find a way to insulate the doors some how to prevent to much heat excape.
If anyone has one I would love to hear of what they might to have had to do to turn it into a decient littel smoke box.... thanks!!
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Congrats on the new smoker and I personally don't have one but I know someone will be by real soon.
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I have the round Brinkman. I have found that it likes lump charcoal much better than briquettes. And, before you do anything, drill about a dozen holes in your charcoal pan. I also cut out a piece of expanded metal and made a little grill to get the coals off the bottom of the pan. Those two mods helped tremendously. I have turned out some good grub on that thing. You are in for some fun.
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I wood not worry about insulating the door. Butt like you said, do something to the charcoal pan and enjoy!!
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Yeah, I plan on picking up a larger drill bit that I can use on it... or maybe one of thouse grill woks.. maybe the'll fit....
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ihave one so far ive drilled holes in the char pan
worked good today did my first fattie
gonna do a trky breast this week if i have any probs or mods
ill post for yatongue.gif
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Hey thanks everyone, really apriciate it...
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Congrats on the new smoker PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I got her cured yesterday, and am smoking a small picnic in it right now. One thing I did was buy some small grill bricks that I layed out on the bottom, I also bought a grill wok, and am using in place of the firebowl. The fire bowl is being used to catch the ash.
I am using a two probe with one prob in the meat, and one on the shelf to get am idea between the difference from the temp near the meat, and what the door themo say's. We, ll like many have said the thermo that comes with is crap. It looks to be off by about 50 deg on the low side... So a new thermo will be in my futor. One the good, after three hours I am still keeping a temp of around 230-240.. Just right.. We'll see how long it will hold.. As for char I am using cowboy, the home depot stuff.... Seems to be keeping a nice temp, with littel ash... So far so good!
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ecb mods

if u could i would like to see a pic of your mods please thxtongue.gif
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We'll it's dark out there now, but get a pic for you tomarow.. We'll after she is nice and clean..... icon_mrgreen.gif
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tnx im doing a 8 lb bone in trky breast tomorrow
its my longest smoke in the ecb so it will tell me if ihave to change to the wok deal i got 2 hours out of the reg pan yesterday doin a fatty
mmmmm fattytongue.gif
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