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It was a very busy sausage weekend. We ended up doing nine different kinds and all of them came out great.
  • Snack sticks
  • Beef summer sausage
  • Jalapeno beef summer sausage
  • Jamaican jerk pork sausage
  • Buffalo chicken sausage
  • Giant hot dogs
  • Blueberry breakfast sausage
  • Red hots
  • Chorizo
Here are the red hots waiting to be vacuum sealed:

Snack sticks after blooming:

Soon to be decapitated:

Ready to be bagged:

Summer sausage and giant hot dogs in the plywood smoker:

Loose blueberry breakfast being fried up for breakfast this morning:

Little links:

Jamaican jerk ready for bagging. Had one of these for dinner tonight and they are very spicy.

Getting ready to bag up the buffalo chicken sausage. We had some of these for dinner last night and they came out excellent!

And Dennis' keys, dip and chips that John and I vacuum sealed when he walked away to answer a call from his wife. :clap:

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Nice looking sausage thx for sharing.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Really nice looking sausage.
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Holy smokes Joel that's a lot of sausage!! And it all looks great too. Thanks for the Q-view.
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WOW excellent job on all of it!points.gif
I love the nice color on the inside of the ol'plywood box!
Shows you must have her dialed in just right!

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You were busy this weekend, nice, what recipe did you use for the Jamaican and the buffalo chicken? If you don't mind sharing?
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I followed the recipe link in this thread http://smokingmeatforums.com/forums/...ad.php?t=91518 for the buffalo chicken but used 10lbs of boneless chicken thighs and 4lbs of hickory smoked bacon. I multiplied the ingredients by 1.5x for the amount of meat I had. I omitted the blue cheese because some of my friends don't like it and it is easy enough to put the dressing of your choice on the sausage. The other difference is I used one whole bottle of Sriracha for the hot sauce. It was a lucky first attempt and I don't see any reason for me to do it differently in the future.

This is the jamaican jerk recipe I used. http://lpoli.50webs.com/index_files/Jerk%20Sausage.pdf
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Beautiful assortment!!------>>points.gif

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Thanks Solar!!
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Impressive work on the sausages! The blueberry one looks most interesting. points.gif
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Looks great. What did you do for a hotdog recipe? I'm looking for one I like.
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Now that's some sausage.

I gotta say it though, the name of the post made me think twice about clicking on it...... icon_rolleyes.gif
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I am pretty certain interesting is exactly the word I used to describe it. There is also vanilla, maple syrup, and cinnamon as part of the recipe. IMHO, the perfect use for it is to make two waffles, put down a slice of cheese on top of one of the waffles, add some egg on top of it, top the egg with the sausage, drizzle a little maple syrup on top of that, and cap it with the other waffle for a direct flight to awesomeness.

I did a bastardized version of Len Poli's recipe. Spiced it up a bit, smoked it, and didn't bother with the food processor. It turned out pretty good. I think I had a rogue length of hog casing when stuffing that one. It should have been a 32mm (wanted to make 1/4 pounders) but came out closer to 38mm like you would use for kielbasa.

Sounds like the voice of experience. PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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Haa this is the only place where a "SAUSAGE FEST" is acceptable lolicon_wink.gif
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Ok now Joel you have really outdone yourself on this one. I knew you were alittle off the chain with how much you have been making sausage but this is alittle over board well no it's not the only thing that is wrong is I was in Florida at the time and you didn't call me to come and help you. Now you have made some really good looking sausage and you know we are gonna have to talk soon. so here's so well deservedpoints.gifpoints.gifand then another for later when I think of all this sausage again.
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If you want to make the drive/flight, you are more than welcome to lend a hand Mark. I will put you up for the night and feed ya as well. biggrin.gif
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Nice looking layout! Someday I'll try my hand at sausage making. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You wouldn't happen to like Sausage would youPDT_Armataz_01_23.gif! Those are awesome, thanks for the qview!!
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Perhaps. I have a big freezer and lot of friends who like sausage as well. icon_wink.gif
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Is that offer open to all of us or only open to all the marks out there???
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