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spray bottle

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ok here goes, what is the best to put in the spray bottle for chix and ribs?
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Apple juice and rum mixed. I use one cup apple juice to 1/4 cup rum.
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spray bottle

it that for us or the meat?
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Oh wow!! This could be a long thread. You should get quit a few responses.

There are so many things you can do.
Myself, I like sweet things. Juices of any sort. I've used pineapple, orange, apple, Dr.pepper, Sprite, cherry. ect..

I've even heard of others on here using cherry cool-aid.

Just mix up something you like and go for it. Experiment a little.
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I mixed White Grape Juice and Crown Royal 3 to 1 and it was awesome.
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OMG!!! not the CROWN!
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I just use apple juice straight
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For us, I mix it 50/50. You will not find me mixing my Crown Royal in a spray bottle either. Only in a Crown glass with 3 ice cubes and a dribble of ginger ale.biggrin.gif
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i dont believe in the designation of "whats best" that varies by person..

I use cranberry juice, olive oil, my rub(aint gettin that recipe), and Jim Beam.
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I've just been using apple juice so far, but I like the idea of adding a bit of oil - I might try that
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Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview.
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I also use a food service squirt bottle vs a spray bottle.. a tart wash ala the book "Low and Slow" and WSM & bbq master G. Wiviott.
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My spray bottle contains 100% cherry juice. Like Jim's recipe of adding some olive oil to it, in addition to some rub.
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Use straight apple juice. Drink the rumPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Sir, put the Crown bottle down and step away slowly, your are commiting an illegal act that no man should commit. I use apple juice, but Bassman gave me an idea I will have to try, at least once.
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I like sweet smokes . I add 2 cups apple cider 1cup jim beam to 1/2 cup molasses. heat and stir to thin . then spray.
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I use cidar vingar and apple juice mixture about 30/70 mix.
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Mine is very similar to Mballi... I go with a 3 parts apple juice to 1 part cider vinegar...although I like the idea of the mollasses in the mix!
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Apple Juice

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