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Concession Trailer Iowa

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on craigslist
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that's a nice one! bet it would take a beast of a pickup to haul that thing around though.
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asking price is down to $16k on CL des moines
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The post has been deleted, so it must be gone.
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Buy it Buy it Buy it

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wow, that thing is awesome. Wish I could afford something like that.

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Let's offer him $10k and I'll go "halfsies" with you.  We can start in a week by finding a place outside the fairgrounds to get started.  Have it paid off in the 10 days of the fair.

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Looks like he may have sold it, the post on Craigslist is gone. I wanted to see it!

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I have been looking at that one also :)  For entertainment purposes only :)  not too many in the DSM area.

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