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Sauce ideas

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I'm just getting into all of this having just purchased my first smoker last weekend (yard sale Brinkmann Gourmet electric) and joining SMF only recently. My first attempt will be to tackle a Boston Butt and I'd like to come up with a sauce. I went through a couple of bottles of BBQ sauce we had laying around (Stubb's and Jack Daniel's) and compared ingredients. Here are the "common thread" ingredients that all three sauces (one variety of Stubb's and two varieties of Jack Daniel's) had:

Tomato paste
Corn syrup
Distilled white vinegar
Corn starch
Brown sugar
Mustard flour
Onion powder
Chili powder

Between the three there were some oddballs:

Whiskey flavoring (JD)
Tapioca (S)
Habanero peppers (S)
Honey (JD)
Chipotle powder (S)
Tamarind (S)

My thought was to create a sauce for pork and poultry using the following ingredients based on the previous lists. The above sauces are in line with my taste, but I'd like to come up with my own for a little twist:

Crushed tomatos/tomato paste
White sugar (in place of corn syrup)
Apple cider vinegar (in place of white vinegar)
Honey (in place of molasses)
Brown sugar
Spicy brown mustard (in place of mustard flower)
Diced onions (in place of onion powder)
Diced garlic (in place of garlc powder)
Jack Daniel's whiskey
Adobo sauce
Suggestions on spices?

I'm looking for some advice on how to combine it all well-fire away!
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My suggestion would be to go to the Sauces section and read thru a bunch of recipes until you find one that sounds good and try it. There are too many good ones in there to reinvent the wheel
Good luck
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I'm not sure of the quantities, but...

Since you have honey and brown sugar on your list, I'd drop the white sugar. Go with dark brown sugar. You could try a batch and add/subtract.

Make sure you use kosher salt rather than table salt. Table salt is iodized, kosher salt is not.

As a personal preference, I'd use Southern Comfort rather than Jack Daniels.

You could also think about a mild molasses rather than ditching it and using honey.

Just some ideas...PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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if u like a little heat add sum cayenne pepper
i do in sumtimes depending on whos eatin
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