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What size is your favorite butt? - Page 3


  • 7% (9)
  • 18% (22)
    7 POUNDS
  • 43% (50)
    8 POUNDS
  • 30% (35)
116 Total Votes  
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I'll refrain from the comments. Personally if I'm gonna fire up the smoker i try to put a couple of big ones on and fill it.
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The poll numbers seem a bit low with 1200 views and 40 replies butt only 70 votes. I wood think that around 90% of the viewers wood at least vote. Oh well, no biggie.

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I would have voted but my favorite butt is not on the list.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Do what I did----Vote for your "Second" favorite.----biggrin.gif

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9+lbr...'cause I'm scared of all-nighters anymore! LOL!!!

Sam's double-packs work OK.

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CSJ, I'd like to express my appreciation for your tone and approach in this comment. Personally, I'm happy I got to see the pic, but your sentiment is noted. And your delivery was wonderful. I saw a preachy, holier-than-thou grouse over a similar subject (without visual aids, to boot!) after a typo on another forum, and I thought the effect was to make the respondent look prudish and self righteous. Your approach is thought provoking, and given the visual, more appropriate. Plus you invited the flame. That took a big man!
Sorry I got so wordy. Diarrhea of the mouth with a fingertip mutation!
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Do guests count on views? I mean, if a non-member views the post, does that go toward the count of views????
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I usually get the twin-packs which vary in size, but are usually .99-1.19 lb.
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9 pounds or larger bone in butt . Gonna be smoking for a long time and don't wish to waste the smoke and effort on smaller portions .
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Usually get the 2-packers from Costco. They are boneless, and together they weigh in at 12-18lbs.

Just did one (2) yesterday, it was the smallest I could find and it was 14.47 lbs. ended up getting a little over 12 lbs finished.

Only four of us at home now, but the left overs and taking it to work is the best.

Have a graduation coming up in 3 weeks so I'm going to try and get four of those babies in my MES 40". It will be tight but I think i can make it happen.

A few pics from yesterdays smoke... oh soo good!!

Oh yeah had a brisket in there too.

Like the boneless ones because they lay out nice and you can get the rub into all the nooks and crannys easily, and they seem to cook more even.
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