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I am in bad need of a new theremometer. I have a cheap walmart theremometer right now and it is about shot. I am wanting a dual probe one. I have been looking at the Mavericks. Would this be a good one to get or is there another brand that is just as good or better than the Maverick. Thanks for any recommendation or info you all might have..
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Maverick ET-73 Can't beat um fer the price
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I agree the Maverick ET #73 is a pretty good one. You'll find a lot of people that belong to this forum uses them
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With the ET73, can you use the chamber probe as a meat probe too? I want a dual probe model but I want to be able to monitor more than one piece of meat, not the chamber. Any thoughts?
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Thanks Ron, awesome!
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I have the Maverick ET 73 I also have a Polder dual probe both are good thermometers but the Polder does not have a remote therefore I recommend the Maverick
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Yes, but you may need to order another meat probe. The smoker probe has a blunt end and would be difficult to push into the meat. The meat probe has a pointy end. Other than that, they are interchangeable.

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I'll chime in with the others in recommending the ET-73. My 2 cents, its a great product for the money.
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Thanks guys for the info. I can allways count on the good people here at SMF.
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