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A few Eggs for Easter

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Today at work the Dairy department guy asked if we wanted any eggs for free! We in the meat department said " OF COURSE". What happened was a case was damaged when they came and he got credit for the whole case, even though only a few were damaged. After every body took what they wanted there was 9 dozen left! If I didnt take them the rest were gonna get pitched!eek.gif So guess who is gonna smoke a few chicken babies?!!!

I Cant wait!
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Smoked eggs make the BEST devilled eggs! And egg salad sandwiches..... mmmmm. Nice score! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yumm I agree with the smoked deviled eggs
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hmm how do you smoke the eggs, hard boil the smoke?
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Sounds good, another use for my ABT rack. Do you cold smoke them or fire away?
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Check out this thread

I tried it and will be trying more this weekend
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Put the raw eggs in the smoker at about 225-250 and let them smoke for 2.5 hours. They will absorb the smoke thru the shell but its better to use a strong flavored wood to get the most smoke into the egg. If you let them go too long they will crack and they aren't real good then
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Yea what Jerry said. I have done them a few time and they do make some really killing deviled eggs.
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Perfectly advice.
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smoked deviled eggs for easter - hmmmmm!
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I wish I would have seen this earlier, we just boiled 3 dozen eggs for deviled eggs, for tomorrow, dang, I bet they would be awesome smoked, I'm gonna try this next time I'm smoking.
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It might not be too late. One of the ways I read to smoke them is to do it after they are hard boiled. Peel them and then smoke them for 20-30 min. I am going to try this method today and see how it goes.
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Well here is 1 test dozen...I'm gonna do a few test batches to see which way works best.
These were hard boiled first then peeled and put on the top rack of my UDS after I made some Asperagus and ribeys steaks for dinner. The temp was a little high at 250* with pecan smoke

After I put the lid on they smoked for 1 hour as the temp dropped slowly to 200*. They sure looked smoked dont they?

Even though they took on a lot of smoke color they didn't really have that much flavor. It seems that the temp might have been too high and dried the surface out and didn't let the smoke in. It was kinda rubbery on the surface.

Oh well...onto the next 8 dozenicon_mrgreen.gif
Will keep ya posted
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