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Smokers, Whats your age and how long have you been smoking???

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Hey Everyone,

Dont mean to offend anybody, I was just curious what the different ages of us smokers are and how long you been at it.

I'm 35, been grilling with charcoal for along time but just bought my first WSM last month.

Cheers and good smoking!

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I am 28 almost 29 and I have been smoking for around 5 years. I contribute most of my success to this site!
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49, been grillin' for a long time, but started smokin' about 5 yrs ago.
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I'm 55 and been grilling a very long time. Started smoking several years ago but didn't know what I was doing. At the time I bought ECB charcoal smoker. Did ok, but I knew there was better way. Mostly because I didn't know how. After it rusted out, the last couple of years I was doing everything on my charcoal grill using the indirect method and adding wood chips. It wasn't bad, but again I knew there was a better way. Last year I stumbled on this site and began trying to learn as much as possible from everyone. 2 weeks ago I decided I was going to learn and try to get it right. So, I went out and bought a 20in Yoder offset smoker. I had my first smoke, which I posted, last week when I smoked 2 chuckies. Today I'm in my second smoke, doing 2 slabs of ribs. I'm still learning how manage my heat and smoke. It's a journey I'm liking though.
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35, smoked a little bit before but just got really "into" it about a month ago
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As you can see already there is a large range of ages on the board so no need to add mine.PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif

I have been grilling since I was a teenager, and started smoking about 12 years ago. I have always loved cooking out doors - things just taste better. There's something about sitting out on a beautiful day tending your fire, wether it be a grill or a pit.
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I'm 46 and have been smoking (correctly biggrin.gif) a little over 2 years now.

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I'm 41, I've been grilling since I was a kid, and I just bought a MES that I haven't even seasoned yet. I've been wanting to get into smoking for a long time, and it looks like an Easter ham is going to be my first try.

P.S. Let me know if that pic in my sig is too obtrusive. tongue.gif
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I'm 34, been bbqing for awhile, very new to smoking.
After I found this site and the smoker build section I jumped right in.
only have a few smokes under my belt, but I'm loving it.
Built my own ( http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ad.php?t=88398) and its a good feeling knowing that everything you're cooking is made on what you made.
First smoke i did was some pulled pork and beans, for about 30 people, made with recipies off this site and let me tell ya, I have never had so many compliments from a bbq get together before.
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I am 32 and have been cooking outside since I was a teenager. What most people consider smoking I would say the last couple of years. I am an food addict and the smokiness of a good brisket is my drug of choice. I have also been known to go on rib binges and two weeks ago I almost OD'd on pulled pork. My wife attempted an intervention but alas she may be falling into the same addiction as me. I am a hardcore addict that is why I smoke my own instead of heading to a smoked meat dealer.
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I am 42, been slowcooking with smoke on a BBQ for a long time, but just started with an actual smoker at christmas time.

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Lets just say way too old and leave it at that. I have been smoking meats in one form or another since 1965. That will give you an idea of how old I am.icon_smile.gif
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I'll be 65 this year, and I've been actively smoking for 6 years.
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I'm a half-century these days. I started smoking when I was twelve (unfiltered KOOLs, if I remember correctly)biggrin.gif. Quickly, I decided those weren't for me and chose to smoke the occasional Swisher Sweet. I haven't even had a cigar in probably 25 years.

Actually, I've been around smoking my whole life. Dad used to smoke hams on the grill for as long as I can remember. I've been smoking on and off for the last twenty+ years. My brother started going to competitions several years ago. When that happened my interest in smoking (and the quality of my grub) increased quite a bit.
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57 and been smoking 35 years now.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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29 yrs. old and bought my MES this past Christmas. Thanks to this site I have had good success. I got interested in smoking meat after watching pit masters and seeing so much good BBQ on food network that I wanted to do it myself. Plus I found this site and it gave me good confidence to try it.
Now the grill is silent so far except to crisp up some chicken or to do some burgers.
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50 year old and been smokin' for over 30 years. Was around it since I was 6.
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I'm 25 next month and got into smoking 6 months ago.
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I'm 45, I started working at "JERRY'S BBQ" in Tujunga Ca. when I was 13 years old. I started passing out fliers, then started cleaning the joint. I eventually started working the kitchen then was pitmaster at 14. I stayed there for 3 years after school and summers. This was the best job i ever had, If I could only go back in time. I smoke on and off for years and got serious about it again about 2 years ago.
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I am 52.
Been around it since childhood. I am back porch grill and smoker now.
I just recently (a month) bought a New Brunsfel Banderra for the porch. I like this smoker.
I have a commercial Charm Glow gas grill on the porch.
I helped an uncle smoke andoullie at a young age.
Also helped in many trench fire smokings. (oil drum cut out on top and bottom placed over the fire trench.
We used the trench technique for smoked meats for gumbo.
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