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When I do a spatchcock chicken, it usually takes about 1 hr to 1.5 hrs to get the breast temp to 165-170. I did a low and slow bird at about 250* and I didn't like the texture of the meat. I also brined that one so I'm not sure if it was the brine or the low cooking temps that affected the meat. From that point, I have been smoking the birds at 300-325* and the meat is much better. I don't brine anymore either. I have been injecting the birds with a mixture of melted butter and whatever rub I am using. The meat is always juicy and tender.
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I've never been a big Chicken & Turkey fan, but I probably never had any that were made right. I think things might change soon.

Thanks for showing,
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Originally Posted by Nola Saints Smoker View Post

Caveman, I smoked the chicken at 275 until the breast temp was 170. I would have liked to get the temp to 250 but still learning how to regulate the temps on my KEG.

I know this is an old post, but I was reading through some posts on Spatchcocking a bird. In these posts you keep saying that your cooked your bird till the temp was 170 deg. in the breast but your probe is shown in the thigh. Which is it 170 deg. in the breast or thigh?

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It looks great and yummy

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I am in the process of prepping 2 spatchcocks right now. I brined 2 birds yesterday, rubbed them down with Jeff's rub (it is great), Saran wrapped them, and they are resting.  I plan to start the smoker at 2:00 to steady the temp around 280 degrees. I'll send pix when we are done.  I also smoked a 10 lb pork butt  to a temp of 205 yesterday and she is juicing up wrapped in a cooler.  I plan to pull that while the Okie Joe smoker heats up for the chiks.

We are have a big family get together tonight and we are going to eat well! Wish me luck!

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Mighty fine looking bird!

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