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Sunny's RIBS?

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Why dosn't sunnys use a dry rub on there ribs and i think there awsome the last couple times ive smoked ribs ive used a dry rub but to me sunnys ribs are better and they dont appear to use a dry rub.How do i smoke ribs like sunnys?
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Sunny's ribs?

never heard of em'. Where are they from?
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I guess i didnt think about different areas but sunnys is a bbq restarant,im in Forida,Im thinken i will try to smoke ribs with no dry rub just brine and baste but no dry rub,maybie ill add bba sauce at the end.
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I think you mean Sonny's BBQ chain restaurant. They are all over Florida but I'm not sure what other states they might be in.

You'd probably have to work there to figure that out, trade secret.icon_mrgreen.gif
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i have never had good ribs at sonnys, they suck, last time i went for the all you can eat ribs they were dry, tough and each time she brought more out they were getting smaller, i raised hell and vowed never to go back there screw em!!!
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SONNY"S you go to SONNY"S for what heartburn or do you just like to puke. I have been there a couple of time with the guys at work. When there's 8 of you one doesn't have much say. So I always get a salad. Now I have never had anything that tasted good at sonny's even the beans suck.
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Amen Brother, but then again there's not many restaurants that i like lol
it truly amazes me the places that always have tons of people there, that i thing should have closed down haha
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