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Firt impression from using my WSM 22"

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OK... so Chisoxjim was right (there I said it :P), the WSM is head and shoulders above my old Char-Griller off set. Finally got to fire it up on Sunday afternoon.

I put a single solid layer of briquets down in the ring, put about 5 or 6 fist size pieces of hickory on top of that and about 8 medium sized chunks of lump. Then topped off the ring with briquets, added about 6 pieces of mesquite, and finally dumped a chimney of lit lump on top of all that. Gave it about 5 minutes to start getting the other stuff lit then put the rest of the smoker together and added water to the water pan. Put the lid on let the heat get up to about 225° then closed the dampers down by about 2/3, let the heat get to 250°, reduced the dampers down to about 25%. Once I had the heat dialed in to hold 250° added the meat: (here is that thread) http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...threadid=91098

I checked the temps at 1 hr. - still holding steady at 250°, at 3 hrs. was still holding steady and I pulled the corned beef and foiled the chuckies. Pulled the chuckies when they hit an internal of 205°, about 6 hrs., still holding steady at 250°. I had fired it up right about noon and I wanted to see how long it would maintain 250° so I just left it running - ate dinner, got kids in bed, watched some TV, checked it at 9 PM.... was still holding at 250°, checked it at 10PM... had finally dropped to 200°.

Not a bad run 9+ hrs. on on load, no fussing, no tending... I could get used to this.. lol. Kinda wished I had just gotten a WSM from the get go, but at the time wasn't sure how into smoking I was going to be and $170 for the Char-griller vs. $375 for the WSM was big budget concern at the time.

Long and short... if you are at all thinking about getting a WSM they are well worth it. I even used the factory therm and from what I could tell it was reading just fine. I am going to add some grommet holes for meat probes (especially on the lower rack), and I might add a therm on the side down by the lower rack. But overall a very well built smoker! biggrin.gif
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very nice! I noticed in one of the pics from the other thread, you seem to have a very well-sealed door. Mine leaked all over the place, so count yourself lucky there. Of course even with a leaky door I also have no problems holding temps steady.

Three cheers for the WSM!
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I actually spent a little time bending the door with my hands before I got it to fit well. Nothing extreme, just a little tweek here and there. As long as this door holds up I probably wont spend the $$ on one of the stainles steel doors.
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Great lookin food

Looks tasty, as far as your lap dog goes, we have the same issue with our 134 lb lap dog, lol PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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glad you like the WSM, best deck sized smoker around imho by a wide margin.

I dont have an issue with he access door, right now I run the WSM with the door upside down to get a little more air flow. Maybe tomorrow when its 60 degrees Ill run it with it in the the right way.
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Congrats on the WSM, it's a fine machine. As far as the door goes, I sealed mine up again and as far as I can tell it's going to stay that way.
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I've had the same problem with the door on mine. I keep bending a little each time. One day I'll get it to fit. I was thinking about putting a non heat sensitive thread around the edges to seal it. Dunno But is is a great smoker
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Duct tape.
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I recently installed eyelet holes for thermos on my WSM, but I just realized that in order to get the meat OUT I would have to take the thermos out of the meat pre-maturely. The holes are too small for the digital plug end to fit through, and I usually leave the thermos in during resting.

I'm guessing for cuts like butt and brisket this isnt too bad, as the cooking process has some what "Dried" the meat out in terms of liquid. I could always try to put the probe back in right afterwards.
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I have never left a therm in when resting the meat. Usually I just have it double wrapped in heavy foil, wrapped in a old towel, and put into the cooler for an hour or two. Usually it is still burning my fingers when I go to pull the meat off... lol. biggrin.gif
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Well you guys have talked up this WSM so well I've decided it will be my next smoker purchase as soon a the finances will allow. All of you have done a spectacular job at selling this smoker lol, I can't wait to get one now! Quick question. Can you get a full rack of spares on the 18"?
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sure can, a trimmed St. Louis cut you can get 2 on each rack, just kind of curve them to follow the design of the smoer, thickest bones to the outside where the heat comes around the water bowl.
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You can..... but just think how much MORE you could get onto a 22.5"! (heh-heh) biggrin.gif
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Ok, I'm with Placebo, I think you and Chisoxjim are getting kickbacks from Weber as I too am looking into the WSM. I just have a couple of ?'s, are there any mods that need to get done in order to get those loooong smoke times? Is the stock therm fairly accurate? I might be laying off my Brinkmann Smoke N' Grill as I have to babysit that thing even after all the mods I've done.

JIRodriguez, nice job on your chuckies and corned beef.
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Thank you thank you! biggrin.gif

I cooked the chuckies and corned beef with the WSM stock out of the box. No mods, and used the stock therm. Worked awesome - I was skeptical about the long burns as well till I actually watched it... lol.

The only mod I am going to make is to install a couple of grommets so I can feed meat temp. probes through to the lower rack. Otherwise I would have to lift the top rack out of the way to check my internal meat temps. on stuff on the lower rack. I have seen several links where you can get grommets for fairly cheap.
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I got these last week:



The door definetly closed some air gaps, as I had to open my vents more than usual.

Eyelets work nice, but as I mentioned earlier you'll have to take the probes out of the meat to extract it all. I think this is how it would work regardless of what was used.
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I wish i was getting something from Weber, but turning folks onto the WSM is enough payback.

I was skeptical til I first used one as well.
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18" on sale here for $239 free shipping.

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I know a lot of probes have that 90° bend in them.... the eyelets wouldn't work with that would they?
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They will. When ya insert the probe all ya have to do is turn it (the probe) up when it gets to the bend in the probe.
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