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Were havin chicken tonite

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Well just ate my first smoked test subject and it was Awesome. Got a little dark took me awhile to get the temp adjusted. " think i started with too much charcoal about 10 lbs, Let it heat up for about 20 mins then added 6 hickory lumps temp was running about 300 degree's. All and all went pretty well once I got temp down around 250. was on the uds about 2 hrs. also did some potatoes, onions and peppers. How the heck ya keep the fire down when ya take your food off the grate " I burned the hair off my hands and arms lol. well heres my finished product and I am going to try a rack of ribs next weekend. Im hooked " The wife even enjoyed It.Attachment 24328

Attachment 24329
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looks good
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Hows the skin on em was they crisp or chewy?
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You should get a longer pair of tongs if you're going to burn that high. LOL. It's all good. Hope you had fun doing it, hope your hair grows back & look forward to your next smoke. Remember, don't take it so high when doing a butt or brisk. And unless you like heavy plumes of smoke, one or two pieces should suffice at a time until you don't smell the smokey flavor, then add one or two pieces at a time. You want to see the "Thin Blue Smoke" as opposed to heavy white smoke. I hope this applies & helps.
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Thanks for the advice and I will try just a cpl chunks . Im going to have to add a side door to the uds for that purpose. Thanks again.
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Was nice and crisp, I was really surprised how easy it was. I did inject them with some italian seasoning. But boy they were good.
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Yea thats the challenge with the UDS when you take the lid off you better do your business fast so that fire doesn't take off.
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NIce! I'm hungry again!
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