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First Ribs on New Smoker

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Did My first ribs on the MES on Thur. Was real happy how they turned out.

Rubbed overnight:

Cooked them at 235 and they are ready to take out:

Just before cutting the first rack:

Plate full:

Pic to show smoke ring but not sure it shows very well. Read somewhere about putting one piece of charcoal in the firebox with some wood will give a smoke ring. Seemed to work this time even if the line was thin.

All in all our guests where very pleased with how they came out.
Makes me a happy BBQ'er.
thanks for looking.
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If that was the first run I'd say it was a successful run. Great job and as always, we appreciate good qview like this!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Of course that was a first run, MES Making it Easy to Smoke

Nice Job Dave
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Those looked like some great racks. points.gifto you my friend.
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Looks like the first of many more successful smokes in the MES! Well done!
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They look great well done
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Man , I didnt realize that the MES chamber was so spacious. My Bradley couldnt accomodate full racks of ribs. And they look great, really great.
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Looks like a nice smoke ring to me.
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Fine looking job.
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How long did they take to cook?
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Nice ribs.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those were goof looking slabs right from the start, and they we're even better after the smoke. Nice pull back.
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Put them on at 11am took them off at 5pm.

Getting to really like this smoker.
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Man those are some really good looking ribs there. I like the smoke ring too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice looking ribs, especially for the first ones on the new smoker.
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Yo "dave from mesa"

Looking at the pic of the SMF showing the ribs laying out on the MES grates. Two questions:

• In the upper left corner inside is something I am not familiar with since my MES is 2 yrs old, what is that?

• It looks like your external probe is hanging down on left wall and the probe is dangling next to the wall. This may not have been where you actually had the probe during the cook, since the ribs look done and this may be a post finish pic. I have noticed that the walls get pretty hot, I try to make sure the probe monitoring internal temp is resting on either the 2nd or 3rd rack from top, if possible probe near the center if possible, or if not, pointed toward center but definitely away from wall. Usually I stick the probe through a potato to hold it in place, many others have drilled a hole in a block of wood to hold the probe.
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Doesn't look like a first timer to me. You done good. Those are some great looking ribs.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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The new ones have a probe to measure the internal temp of the meat, as well as a few other new additions like the window. I only know this cause my buddy just got one not too long ago.
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Didn't use the temp probe on this cook. Went by looks and feel. Did have it just hanging there, tho. Fixed that today. Put it back in it's holder.
Think what you are seeing in the upper left corner is the light.
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Very nice I bet there was no leftovers. Thaks for the Qveiw
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