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Way to hang in there, the thing about long smokes is that I'd rather be smokin' something than be at work for 16 hours. I think I've been lucky, 12 hours or so has been my longest smoke with a WSM.
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See-there ya go, learning is always a good thing. An other thing, foiling the butts will help speed things through the stall, but it will have some affect on the finished bark.
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They look awesome. It was a long one but quite wothr it huh?
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Man everything looks good to me.
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What he said wroks for me as well .PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Holy Smokers, that butt's got bark...heh, the picnic does too!!!!!!! Looks like some mighty fine PP to me!

Glad I got to catch up with you again on this!

Considering what you went through, I'd still say this is a very big success. You learned a few things and can put that knowledge to work for you on the next round.

Every smoke gets easier, and learning how your smoker likes to run is a big part of that as well. The temp probe issues on those larger cuts of meats is something that you just can't know until you experience it.

You've done well, my friend. Stay with it, cause there's certainly nothing wrong with the results of your efforts.

BTW, glad I could see a newer smoker in action, and happy to brought me back a year or so to when I was still learning what I thought I already knew...HAH-HAH-HAH!!!

Great smokes to ya, brother!

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