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yard bird legs

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I was going to smoke some chicken legs for the kiddos today, what temp should i be runnin' in the big block?
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250 to 275 at the grate level is where i like to keep it. I use a spritz of apple juice and apple cider vinager. Combination of temp and the spritz gives me nice skin. Good luck and post up some pics!
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Thanks. I've never done ANY chicken before...PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

I did put them in the Slaughter House some of the McCormick "perfect pinch" spices ( rotisserie chicken, and cajun).

I'll see what i can do as far as the pics. Gotta find my camera.
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275° - 325° is what I use fer chicken parts. There mighty tastey snacks!
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Travcomans Brine is dang good stuff!
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Chicken legs and boo-boos

Well, the chicken came out looking great (I'll try and post pics tomorrow). I was told they were really good, but didn't get to try it. I got a call from babie's momma that our 2 year old daughter had fallen out of a window and was going to the emergency room. I thought I was going to have a heart attack! She fell about 3 or 4 feet to the ground. Dr's were great, thurough x-rays, and did some CT scans of her head. Had to get 2 staples in the back of her head where it was cut by the glass. Thankfully she made out great, that was the only cut she got. She did have a few scratches here and there, and has a bruise on her back. Lucky little bugger, thats for sure. I took the day off to keep an eye on her. I do have the left over legs in the fridge...i think they'll make a good lunch with some Mac-n-cheese or "macker" as she calls it. What would be the best way to re-heat that without it drying out?

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I put my bird parts on the lowest rack, and run the big block at 375°.
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glad your kiddo is ok....thats deff. more important than chicken
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Ya can warm em up in the oven, there ok that way er the micorwave, yer gonna have some rubbery skin but there still tastey. Oven will keep the skin a bit better but there not gonna be quite as good as off the smoker, but very edible.
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