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New 40" MES Quality

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I just picked up a new 40" MES from my local Sam's yesterday and I'm curious as if others have the same type of "quality" issues as mine. I'm on the fence on whether to take it back or not and get a new one.

First, the outside back has some small dents, nothing that would effect the overall function of the smoker and the least of my concerns.

Second, on the outside back, where it meets the black frame, up where the threaded inserts are for the controller box, it is dented in and filled in with expanding foam. Picture is not the best but should show it.

Third, when you open the door and look at the light, the inside frame is dented and it looks like someone JB Welded the light in.

Fourth, the chip holder support bracket is all bent up where it attaches to the wall.

Fifth, there is expanding foam that has oozed out of the joints where the sides meet the floor.

Sixth, the vertical support post on the shelf system is bent outwards. While it doesn't prevent the shelf from being inserted or pulled out, it does create enough resistance to require a push or yank.

And then there were a couple of screws rolling around from the chip holder that I had to put back in.

I'm just a bit suprised at the quality as my old 30" didn't have any of these issues at the time of purchase. Did I just get an odd duck or am I being way too picky?
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If it was mine and Sam's wasn't too far (it's 85 miles for me one way), I'd take it back. You buy something new and you deserve to get something new. It sounds like yours was dropped or something and they tried to refurbish it.

On 2nd thought, with that many issues, I'd take it back even at my distance. You're going to have it for hopefully a long long time, and if nothing else you can combine it with a meat run and free snacky nibbles in the store.
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Yeah, after I posted this thread, my mind was made up. Sam's is 20 minutes away and I'm in the process of boxing it back up already.
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Good move.... I'm afraid for the price and where it comes from, the quality we would like isn't there. Yours has issues I wouldn't deal with. I just got mine and it had some dents, gap in the window and steel. Couple of things that I thought shouldn't be there but they were. Not bad enough to take back but shows lack of workmanship. Lets see what you end up with this time. Let us know.
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Take it back. There is no excuse for poor quality unless you paid $29.29 for it.icon_rolleyes.gif
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Agree with the above. When we bought ours I opened the box and took a look at the unit. Might I suggest you doing the same.
Ours has some foam in the screw hole where the control box slides into the smoker. Chalked it up to better sealing. The other things are unacceptable.

just my .02

Good luck
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I have the old model 20070508. looks the same, but with 800 watt element. The quality is good. Haven't had any problems yet. I think you just got a bad one. Let us know what the next one looks like.
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Ditto, on taking your particular unit back, too many things that would make it unacceptable.

Sams here in Sacramento doesn't stock the MES, I had to order mine online and have it shipped. My unit arrived with a fairly big dent in the back corner where the box was obviously dropped. I decided that since I had purchased the 1 year ext. warranty there was no harm in giving the unit a try. Further if I bothered to send it back the next may be even worse. As it turned out my unit was fine, it operated as advertised, and I was happy, it has been smokin fine about 20 months.
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Take it back for sure. They need to get it back and see it.
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Well after 70 miles round trip, a sales clerk trying to resell me the smoker I just returned and 2 Sam's, I finally got a replacement back home. There's a story here but I won't bore you. The jist of it is that the Sam's I returned the smoker to won't order in anything if it's seasonal, despite being available on their website, they won't mark down a display and act offended if asked, and it must be an inconvienence if asked to see if another store has stock.

The new smoker is just about perfect. It does not exhibit any of the defects my previous one had as mentioned above, however, it does have some of the expanded foam caked on the bottom in the right rear corner, similiar to the previous one....I can certainly live with that and it shouldn't present any issues. The drip pan is warpped all to hell, but a call to Masterbuilt should fix that. In all, alot better than before so I'm pleased.

** A word of caution to anyone in the St. Charles, MO area. The Sam's there is out of this smoker except for the display and none are on order as of 02/14/10. If you see one on a pallet with tape going across the seam, in addition to along it, don't buy it as it's the one I just returned. When I left, the employee I dealt with mentioned to another that it could go back on the shelf.
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You should report that sales clerk to corporate..and get his name. That is piss-poor business practice.

As for your unit, My Sam's 40 has minimal issues that are NOT going to affect performance whatsoever. In terms of insulation, performance and overall "quality", I feel it seems to be a strong build. I am sure Cookshack's units are probably "perfect" but I ain't got that kind of cash....and I love my MES anyway! (Don't tell my wife...she smokes too but...uh...a bit differently) PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Already taken care of but wanted to throw out the word of caution just in case. PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Good deal all around!
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Well, I don't own an MES (yet), but I've looked over the display model at Sam's pretty thoroughly. Aside from some scratches on the latch (probably from somebody trying to make it do something it doesn't), it's immaculate. No foam in sight, no dings or dents, nothing. I had already pretty much decided to buy one, and seeing the build quality of the display model solidified it for me... then I read this and my confidence is shaken!

I wonder if the window and door seals, along with patchy foam, might be the cause of the problems people are having with the MES not holding temp. Perhaps these are more widespread issues than it appears.
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No prob with temp hold AT ALL, and recovery time for a full door opening for 30 seconds with ambient temp at 45 degrees was about 8 minutes last night. No smoke coming out of any window OR door seals for me.

These are NOT swiss watches, but a certain modicum of build quality should be expected, and in the original post, it was definitely NOT. But one...get the extended warrant...AND LIVE IT UP! Life is too short, and the food this baby smokes is wicked good and easy. Digital ROCKS.

Best of luck and let us know what you end up purchasing.
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I used my 3 year warranty to replace last years model with this years and there is a world of difference. I can preheat to 275 in 30 minutes. The one I had couldn't smoke over 238.... ever! I think a number of issues were resolved with the new unit. Even though there are some cosmetic problems with the unit, MB has always been extremely accomodating in fixing anything that is wrong that I can't live with.
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I have purchased my third mes and all of them have been pristine.
In my opinion the freight handlers are causing most of the reported problems.
Since that problem (freight handling) is next to impossible to correct the obvious answer is with the oem not packaging the mes in a shipping container that will withstand abuse inflicted upon them in transit.

My point is that they leave the factory with a good quality build but arrive at the point of consumer purchase in less than good condition.

I have always had multiple boxed units to choose from and only chozen the boxes that appear to be in better shape than all the others.

What a shame but that is the world we live in!

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Agreed. I had no issues whatsoever with my 30" MES and couldn't have been happier with its performance which is why I didn't hesitate to buy the new 40" model. I didn't expect prestine, but I didn't expect a quality reject either. The little bit of foam seepage I have in the bottom of the new one can be scrapped off or cut out with a knife, but it's hardly any cause for alarm. As long as it powers up and heats correctly, I'll be happy.

I agree with you Marvin to an extent in regards to damage claims and the fault of the freight carriers. However, the issues with the first 40" I received, which spawned this thread, was cleary due to a lack of quality control at the factory. It should have never left the factory in that condition. Unfortunatley, it happens and I was able to get a replacement in much better condition.
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If you are buying the Sam's version I think following ronp and Pignit's example of buying the 3 year warranty is a good investment, and if the $40 bucks doesn't seem right then get the 1 year for $15 shouldn't be much of a problem, since the MES only comes with a 90 day factory warranty. By purchasing the warranty you are assured that you will get some product satisfaction even if your local Sam's is failing to take care of you. As Illini has correctly pointed out, shipping damage is the main source for a damaged unit, with at least a 1 year ext. warranty that will give you plenty of time to sort out who is going to take care you.
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^^^ Agreed. I purchased the 3 year warranty for that very same reason. $40 is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of a brand new smoker.
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