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Season a new smoker?

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How long and at what temps should I season my new smoker?

Thanks, Tim
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What kind of smoker?
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I've got a freezer build that I made with an electric element.
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Are you going to be hot smoking in it or cold smoking? The reason I ask is usually we clean the inside out and rinse well then dry it either by time or a small fire then rub cooking oil or spray Pam on the inside surfaces except burner add smoke and bring temps up to about 225 for awhile (I go about 45 minutes) then take the temp up to the 275-350 depending on smoker range for awhile ( I go about 30 minutes) then some shut it down or some will take it back to 225 and play with temp control and let it cook in some more. With a cold smoker it would change how I did it since it may not hit those temps
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No I'll be smoking at hotter temp's, I did a dry test and got it to 300 degrees already but I need to season it, so I'lll try your method.
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It should work just fine if you can hit those temps you can run it longer if you want but the idea is to let the oil and smoke kinda cook onto the surfaces
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Ok thanks for the info, I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow, I'm going to season it in the morning and than cook some chickens in it in the afternoon, will that be ok?
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Sounds like a great plan don't forget the Qview biggrin.gif
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