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Stand for MES

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Any suggestions for a stand for the MES to raise it a bit higher?
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Perhaps an old gas grill that you can modify in some way.
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How 'bout a cart???

Check with Dave-------"Pignit".

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This is what I did.
I've also seen one made from an old grill cart.
Hope that helps.
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There are a few that other people have done here.
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Thanks Ryan... was lookin for that thread and couldn't find it. Should be a sticky. Lots of great MES info there.
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I bought a stainless water heater stand at Lowe's-16" tall and support like 700 + lbs.
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For my CS, I took off the casters and built a raised platform for it to sit on. 4x4 legs, plywood top (think cheap end table). Made the front legs a bit longer than the back to keep it level on my front porch (which is slightly slanted for water run-off). Took about 15 minutes to build, overnight for the paint to dry there it is. Raised it about 15 inches from what it was.

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Go to a printer/copier supply business. They typically have used printer cabinets complete with wheels and cabinet-style storage. I was able to get my pick from a bunch of different styles and the guy gave it to me for free (I took him a smoked turkey breast as a thank you).

Previoulsy posted my mods here with pics:
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Take a pic and post it or send me the pic and I will added it to the MES Hot Mod list, if it looks unique or is an improvement I will post an award with it.
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This is the stand I built for mine. Just some 2x4's and a countertop. Oh and casters from Home Depot.

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