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Smoked Ribeye?

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Anyone ever smoked a ribeye before. My brother in law had smoked ribeye in new york city. He said it was awesome. I want to give it a try. I was going to do it like a brisket. Any advice?
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There isn't a piece of meat that can't be smoked ;)! I personally think a ribeye would be best seared at high temp on each side then cooked until your preferred "doneness."
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Do a search on, "reverse sear". Salt and pepper the steaks, put them on the smoker @ 225ish and apply smoke of choice for about 15 to 20 minutes for 1" thick steaks. Make sure your grill is pre-heated to at least 500 then take the steaks from the smoker and toss em on the grill for a few minutes per side depending on how done you like them. Awesome goodness!!!
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I do it all the time. Don't do it like a brisket, just cold smoke until you hit 115' then sear it on a hot grill to medium rare. Yum.

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That sounds like something I might have to try myself. BTW, your pit puppy avatar is PRICELESS! I sooo miss mine.
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I do it all the time too. The key is to not smoke too long and overcook it (we like ours rare). I usually sear mine first, that came from Smoke and Spice, I think, then smoke. Others sear it at the end. I will try that next time to see if I like it better.
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I do a sorta reverse sear thing too.

I start them on the cold side of the grill for only a couple minutes before finishing over hot coals. They soak up plenty of smoke flavor for me in just a few minutes.
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I did a rib eye roast for Christmas this year, and it was awesome. Great flavor, it didn't last through the day

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