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Country Style Ribs

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I had a stroke of ambition today. Smoked up a big package of country ribs and a batch of Dutch's wicked beans. Put the rub on last night and let them set until this morning. Smoked with hickory, cherry and apple. They were tender and juicy and the beans as always were great. I brushed on my homemade BBQ sauce for the last 45 minutes.

Thanks for checking out my ribs.
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Oh man I love country style ribs! I have yet to make the beans but its on my list of things to smoke!!!!!
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ribs and beans looked great, I am doing country ribs with a butt and chicken Sunday
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Nice Bassman!
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Love those country style ribs! Among my favorites. Beans and ribs...excelent meal you have there!

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Looks good I am glad to see I am not the only one who dosen't wrap them. The wife has no use for anything but country style ribs..
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did you buy the ribs already cut up or did you cut them your self? I have been looking at getting some but uncut and I don't know if they would be a longer smoke due to the loin being attached still.

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Those look great!!!!!!!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great, good job!
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Thanks for all the replies. Stircrazy, these were already cut. Seems like I only paid about .99 per pound. I had twice that many but used the others up last year.
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Nice smoke Keith.
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Very Nice Keith!points.gif
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Thanks, Scott! This was just a spur of the moment thing (kind of). I didn't even take time to do a plated pic.

Bob, thanks for the points. After seeing some of your creations lately, mine looks like I just threw it together! Sure did taste good though.biggrin.gif
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Great looking ribs and beans. Got to make them beans someday.
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How long does it take to smoke these?
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John, these went on at 10:00 AM and finished at 4:20 PM. I put them in the foil pan for about an hour after a five hour smoke. Then brushed on the sauce and out of the pan for about 30 minutes (more or less). Temp was right at 240 for the entire smoke.
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Thanks, Look great.
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