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I agree with Chis, start small see what you want and like in a smoker then move up to it.
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Like most here I too went through a few smokers before I bought my Horizon. It's my opinion that one should buy the best they can comfortably afford. Nothing worst than buying a pit that gives ya fits trying to learn. I'd bet that discourages more folks than we know.

Plus buying "Made In The U.S.A" still stands for something in my book.
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Ok Joe

I have the OK Joe LongHorn and I love it. It's heavy duty and once you get that baby heated up it will hold temp like a dream. I use mine A LOT and would recommend it highly.

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One of the older ones? The older ones were made of 1/4" steel.
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Progress thus far

Thank you all for your advise and suggestions. I am going to look further at some of the heavy duty (1/4 inch) smokers.

It seems like Lang is the Rolls Royce of smokers, it is out of my price range. However, I will look at Horizon next weekend at Bass Pro Shop in Cincinnati. I will probably call Bell Fab too.

I want a good smoker that will last. My daughter and son-in-law (the smoker in the family) will inherit it sooner or later. If I don't like smoking, then he will get it sooner, with the stipulation that I get plenty of Q.

Thanks again,
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Another option

We're building as good a smoker as the big names for less money. 1/4" plate, lifetime guarantee, accessories included that others are charging for. Thanks for looking.
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