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cold SB smoke

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Dang it was cold and windy this AM. Got the ABTs and fattie a smoken!

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bronxbbq did u do anything to door on that unit ? i noticed on mine there is a small gap at the bottom of the door, also did you just gut out the old therm and drill a hole in it? i've had mine for about a month but have just now starting to plan the mods.
good smok'n from rick in middle georgia!
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To fix the door. You need to work it so it sits flush to the body. Then if you look at the door knob and latch you will see its two pieces. Take a pliers and bend the two tabs that hold them together. It will make the door fit tighter.

Yes i gutted and used the old gage as an adaptor.
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Now it's really nice to see the thin blue flowing in The City. I would really like to see the finshing Qview too. Great job Bronx.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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