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Last Chicken I did w/Qview

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Well I posted in the roll call and a few asked for some Qview So I figured I have a few pics on hand so here ya go...

This chicken was done on a can of Bud. I injected some melted Garlic Butter into it set it in the center of a cast iron skillet packed with taters and onions let it smoke in my little Brickman H2O smoker...

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Here are few pics of some boneless, skinless chicken Breasts as well....These were seasoned with my own BBQ rub just sprinkled on them and grilled over Kingsford Briquettes:

with about 10 minutes left I basted the breasts with my Sweet Apple BBQ Sauce:

And here they are ready to come off the grill:

and on the plate ready to be served:
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Looks like you got chicken down to perfection.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks good!!!!!!!
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I really like your yard bird. It looks as it came out tasty and yumo too.
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Thanks all!!!!
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Nice work...Keep it up!
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Great Looking Chicken...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Your yard bird looks great! That onion and tater in a skillet caught my eye, gonna have to try that side. points.gif
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That chicken looked perfect
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Thanks everyone for all the comments. I can't wait for this snow outside to go away so I can fire up the smoker, light a bonfire, chill the brews invite a bunch of people over and have a good ole cookout!!!!
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