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Any one else grow their own HOTS?

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Just wondering...this year I will be grow a couple of different hot peppers.

Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper--Hottest pepper in the World)
Bih Jolokia (Close reletive of the Bhut Jolokia)
Peter Pepper (pepper looks just like the name "peter")
7-pot (really hot pepper)
Trinidad Scorpion Pepper
Red Savina Habanero
Scotch Bonnet Habanero

Grand total this year I will have about 100 pepper plants!!

Here is a pic of one of the ristras I made last season. These are Bhut Jolokia peppers:

Here is one in my daughters hand (size comp):
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and just what do you do with those.........
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Those are huge!
Tried doing Bhuts last year but none even germinated so unfortunately I didn't have them but my serranos, scotch bonnets, cayenne, japs and white habaneros did great.
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I make Hot sauces, make some pure extracts, dry and grind them for powders, make some HOT Chili

I also enjoy watching people try to eat them!!!! LMAO
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Congrats on a great variety of homegrowns. I only wish I had more garden area...
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That looks and sounds great! I grow my own too and dry them, although my tastes might not run as hot as yours! I use alot of dried peppers to add taste and heat because I get tired of the vinegar in most of the sauces. I've tried my hand at sauces and would like to learn more, especially those that are not vinegar based. We can alot of peppers as well. One of my favorites are stuffed with sauerkraut. We also can peppers that are in a tomato sauce and has smoked meat mixed in. I really like the taste of Tobasco peppers but found that we don't have a long enough growing season in Ohio to get a good crop. I'd like to hear more about your pepper adventures! Also noticed your trophy said "Seven Hills" Are you a Buckeye too? Thanks for sharing!
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Yes I am in Brunswick,Ohio. As for the Ohio growing season being to short...LOL I hear ya!! I am getting ready to start my peppers in about a week. I have a grow "chamber" or box set up with grow lights, heaters, and fans. (My neighbors think I grow weed with all the stuff I've got lol) I'm like you, I don't like the vinegar tastes in sauces, although I do use vinegars in the sauces, I use other things as well like lemon juice and tropical fruit juices. At the moment I'm in the process of developing a new sauce. I am trying to create the HOTTEST NON-EXTRACT Hot Sauce. I am useing my own process to "brew" rather than cooking the sauce. I use techniques I learned from Distilling and applying them to peppers....As for sauerkraut stuffed peppers, a friend of mine makes those and they are the BOMB!!!

By the way that Chili in the pic is made with Bhut Jolokia Peppers...3 gallons with 2 peppers in it made it very warm for me but Hot for most lol....
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I do have a large garden but only 2 varieties of the hots grow in the garden. I use the pepper plants in my landscaping as well. They look great and flower all summer long then the colors from the peppers really pops!!!
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So true. Pepper plants are quite ornamental.

Our japs. made it right up until the first freeze in November (with VERY LITTLE attention from me).

Hot pepper are neat and easy to grow, but since I don't have much use for them I don't usually grow them.
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Dandy Don's Bathtub Bonanza

Now that I've got your attention LOL!! Here's the story. I worked with a guy who would bring these in to work to share at lunchtime. They became so popular that he would make a bunch of copies of this and hang them by the time clock for anyone who wanted to make some. Simple, easy, and good eats! We called them "botulism peppers" because someone insisted that we would get sick and die from including the meat. I won't be responsible, but we've done it for several years without any adverse effects. I'll pass it on to all of you as it was freely given to me.... enjoy!


(We jokingly call them botulism peppers.)

3 c. sugar
1 gallon of banana peppers or hot peppers
3 pounds of wieners or sausage or pepperoni
(We put in meats that are already fully cooked. I like smoked sausage! The sauce takes on the smoke flavor.)
1 - 32 oz. Catsup
2 c. vegetable oil
1 t. salt

Wash peppers, taking out the seeds. Cut peppers. Mix all ingredients in pan and cook for a few minutes, until everything is heated through. Put into hot jars and seal with hot lids. If you don’t like to use hot jars and lids you can put the peppers in the jars and then in a hot water bath for 15 minutes to seal the lids.
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Grew several varieties a Japs last year, will add in even more plants hopefully this year. I grow a couple different cayenne's but them gotta find a new spot, didn't like where I put em last year.

Seasons kinda short here, so hopin ta whoop up a green house early spring an get a jump start on the season.
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If anyone needs Bhut Jolokia seeds just let me know I have some extras that I will send out to ya!!
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I grew 2 varieties of jalepenos last year, aji dulce, cayenne, banana, and tabasco. the aji dulce, cayenne and tabasco peppers are still producing (i live in so cal, there is no such thing as a plant killing freeze) For Christmas my brother gave me some ghost pepper seeds. I intend on planting them, I just don't know what i'll do with them tongue.gif. I like hot, but I like heat with flavor, not hot just for the sake of pain.
this summer i plan on making my own chipotle peppers in the smoker. I didn't have a smoker last year, tried to do it on the grill using smoking wood, but it ended up burning them.
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Just got home and found my Bhut Jolokia seeds sitting by the door. Can't wait to try them out.
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The thing with Bhut Jolokia Peppers is that they do have a nice citrus tangy flavor with a huge amount of heat. MODERATION is the key!! I love cooking with them and occasionally the pepper eating contest that will bring ya to your knees!!! LOL
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Sent you a pm..
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anyone else from the forum interested int Bhut Jolokia Seeds just let me know....Free for members...
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Ghost pep seeds

Sent you a PM...thanks for sharing
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Ok!! No Prob
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I would love some if you have any left. This is a very nice offer, and much appreciated.

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