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Bohemian Jerky

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Been a hankerin fer some jerky lately so tadays the day. Took 3 pounds ground beef an added in some a my bohemian (Garlic) sausage seasonin an heres what we got so far.

On the dehydrator. Post some more pics when there finished up.
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That's looking good! Waiting for the finished results.
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Here's the finished jerky.

Very good taste an texture like always, but needs a tad more garlic. Ain't bad though, it's goin fast!
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Man that looks fantastic -
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Looks Great Tip...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I need to try making jerkey with my jerkey gun. I have always just used my slicer and cut up roasts. Good looking jerkey.
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Hay RB you can have my gun if you want it. I like the old slicer and a good roast for my jerky. I make it from time to time and it's the best when I slice up some plane ole meat and season it. Now I would use tip's recipe if he would share it.???
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Looks great, I need to try ground jerky some day. I always just slice up a roast. Nice Tip!points.gif
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Nice job I love jerky. Working in the garage need a snack. BAM there it is jiust enjoy.
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