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When to inject your butt - Page 2

Poll Results: To inject or not to inject and when?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 43% of voters (67)
    I do not use an injection for a pulled pork cook
  • 36% of voters (56)
    I inject the night before
  • 18% of voters (29)
    I inject the morning of the cook
  • 1% of voters (3)
    I inject right before the butt goes into the foil
155 Total Votes  
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What he said.
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Sorry I never finished this thread off with Qview. I was cranky Sunday night after that football game. Also, my butts were humming along nicely and up to 185* in the foil when I decided I would take them back out of the foil to let the bark firm up. I won't ever do that again. I did it quickly, but an our later the meat temps were down in the high 170s and it took forever to get them back to 190, so it was late by the time I pulled. Turned out good though. I couldn't discern a real big difference between the one that was injected (right before the cook) and not injected. Next time I may try injecting one the night before to see if I like the results better. Thanks for riding along!
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I've never injected my pork butts as my butts turn out great. If it enhances the flavor, then this old dawg is up for learning a new trick.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I do it the night before if I am starting the smoke that morning, but if I do an overnight smoke I inject first thing in the morning.

I think you will be happy with the Sam's Club butts, I have used them for about 3 years now and have had no complaints about them.
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I have done them both ways, injected and not injected.
I have a big bore needle that allows me to also inject with the bourbon apple juice mix or what ever juice you like black pepper, garlic ect. normally a tbs of what ever rub I am using goes in the injection mix. I 1st paint the out side of the butts with pecan oil then I do the bottom of the butt, sides then top. then I sprinkle with rub and tightly plastic wrap them individly, then theycan nest in the icebx for up to 48 hours. while the smoker is warming up I have added more rub while the butts are coming to a room temp or close to it so I do not throw them into the smoker cold.
flavor is always good and I am trying new ingeridents all the time.
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We inject about 6 to 7 hours before putting in the smoker.
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inj butts

I have done Both and found my butss come out much tastier with an injection. I also Inj my briskets.
what actually works very well is Cola or root beer.
really does well with flavour and helps break down Connective tissue
Works espescially well if you use a cola and ketchup based sauce for the end
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any recipe for a sauce like that? I'd love to try that on my next butt
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Well it all depends my mood... Something i do something i dont.. the results to me is the same.. mmm mmm good!!!

But now i thinking about, I was thinking injecting one with some apple sauce.
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I inject in the morning when I pull the pork butts out of the refrigerator. I inject the pork butts with apple jiuce then let them stand out for 1 to 1.5 hours to bring the meat up to room temp. Then its into the Traeger!
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I have never injected a butt, however I may give it a try on the 1 I am gonna do tomorrow. Gonna rub it in a while, so I may mix up some apple juice & a little rub to see how it turns out.
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I always inject pork butts (no special reason, just think it adds flavor), but smoking butts without injection I'm sure can also produce an excellent product.

I inject the night before, and put a light coating of rub (which the down side of the meat will mostly come off because the liquid leaks out during the night). When I pre-heat the smoker, the butt gets another light shot of injection. From here on you have to gently handle the butt or a lot of liquid will leak out. I put tangy types of mustard on, then the rub.
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Wjat he said.
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I've never injected a butt. IMO with all the fat, it doesn't need it, and I like the flavour of the pork to come through.
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At what temp did you set the MES and at what temp will you take out the butts? Will you foil?
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Never injected them, always figgered the grinder would squeeze it all out anyways...icon_mrgreen.gif
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When do I inject my butt

When I get an infection
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I make up a huge batch of marinade 24 hrs before cook, inject and them submerge it in the remainder untill about 3-4 hours to cook time. I pull it out of marinade, pat dry with paper towels them apply rub, I save the rest of the marinade for use as a mop sauce while cooking.
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