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weekend plans

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well planning on smoking a roast this weekend along with a couple of fatties! Gonna try a "healty one" turkey sausage and turkey bacon w/ veggies for the wife and a good ol regular one for me .......will post pics ! ! Hope everyone has a good one ! ! !
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Good luck w/ the smoke. Can't wait to see the qview!
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well I got the venison roast seasonded up with some carolina rump shake let it sit til bout 8:00 in the morning

more to come! !
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ooops I just figured out this is in the beef category sorry bout that I am an idiot haha! ! It is venison! !
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jaso, I live in Conway also. Give me a holler if you need help earing that roast. I'll be hitting the smoker tomorrow with a brisket flat and a fattie.
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Well now that I know it's venison, its 10Xs BETTER! I drew on a doe at 15 yards this year, but couldn't get a shoticon_mad.gif. I so wanted some venison this year.
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in the meantime I decided to smoke a fatty.....

got it all ready and threw it on the trusty brinkman char/wood

finally I am starving............

venison tomorrow will have qview for all! ! !
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jaso great job on the fatty. Can't wait to see the q-view on the venison.
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