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Could someone please send the ARC

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We have been getting hammered since Monday with rain - to the point that we have nearly surpassed our normal season this week. Today came 50 MPH winds ( I know this cause I had to chase one of my trash cans close to 500 yards UP the hill ) now we are getting hail with the 50 MPH winds. I know lots of folks want CA to drop off into the ocean and we might but could someon send the ARC first.
I now have 2 20 Ft tall Acacias that have uprooted and fallen in my back yard - This is insane
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Just was watching the news, for sure Cal is getting hammered. Stay safe and best wishes to you--
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was wonderin' bout you.....we are now gettin the high winds and the rain is suposed to be at it's worst (or best being in the desert) tonight. too bad those weren't pecan trees or i'd be out to cut my share.........
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I would take the wind and the rain over the mind freezer weather we had a week ago 14 days straight below 30 degrees and we are in Florida. It's suppose to be warm here and thats just not right. Who the hell in El Nino anyway.
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You are still invited to come share in the fun - LOL
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Dang, it just won't give you a break will it. Hail now? That stinks. Hopefully you got the RV all covered up. Batten down the hatches.
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The RV is covered with tarps but they are flappin big time in the 50 MPH winds - The hail is hammering the windows on the house and we just started to get the thunder and lightening - This is starting to just make me laugh it is so insane. The part that really makes me mad is I have bacon to smoke!!
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your getting the rain down there and up in nor cal were getting hammered with snow. Isnt it just grand.
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The good news is that the snow you are getting will turn into water for us if we dont drop into the ocean first - Where are you in NCal?
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out for a while (lost conection and proly will again) but while i was gon they said there was a tornado warning in north scottsdale (ne phx) and i put out some 5 gal buckets to catch some of this rain to water out 1/2 barrel planters......gotta do something with all this water.

and gary.....the wife will kill ya if ya get out to tendin' to those trees!PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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Bout a hour from Tahoe in Plumas County
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Kathy just declared you her new BFF. She wants to make sure you come to stay with us soon so start looking at the calendar
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Am correct that the Marine Corps Mountain training center is pretty close to you ?
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The rain and winds have made it here now-comming home yesterday I noticed a few neighbors had lost there awnings and porches-has been raining for several hrs. now,the yards are large puddles.This is the first good soaking rain to hit my area in a couple-3 years and more to come.Gary Fallbrook is a very pretty town-with the rain, just maybe the fires to come won't be so bad?
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I feel your pain my friend. I've got cabin fever and I'm going stir crazy inside with you know who. My basckyard looks like a pool with grass at the bottom. I have some 5 gal. buckets filled with little trees that keep getting knocked down by the winds. The few jalapenos I had left are probably in the next county.
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Well Rich I woke up this morning to greet storm #5. Dont know if it hit you guys - Weather bookie says that we will get two days off before the next ones hit on Monday. Just enough time to go clean up the fallen trees and plants
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Yes it is a great little town - I hope we can avoid the fires for a few years. The last one evacuated the whole town.
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