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1/17 Brisket

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Well I picked up a choice flat, and decided to do an injection/marinade, and then rub it.

Marinade is Bock beer, Worcestershire, soy, S&P, onion, garlic & rosemary.

I injected the flat, then poured the marinade over it, and let it sit overnight.

All the necessities.


ready to rub.
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All rubbed up and onto the smoke. I put it on the BSNP around 2 AM. Ran it at 220-230 till 160^ and then foiled the pan and brought it to 190^. After a couple hours in the cooler she was ready to go.

All rubbed up.

@160^ getting foiled

Ready to slice.


All in all it was a good brisket, lots of flavor and pretty juicy.
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Looks great, nice job on the injection and marinade. Would you do it again that way and would you change anything?
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Bet that one tastes great, it sure looks good
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I like the looks of your homemade injection and marinade

Does it come out in the end product?
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I did like the flavor, and the injection really got it throughout the meat. I wish I had a little longer to let it set with the rub on (I only had about 3hr), but my schedule got pushed up, and I started @ o dark thirty instead of around 7AM, but all in all I liked it. I had a bunch of marinade that was not put onto the meat left over, and I mixed a couple of shots of bourbon and that for spritzing.
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LOL By the title of the thread, I expect to see 1/17th of a brisket.........not the date. LOL

Looks good BTW.
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Well thats about all that is left now....PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I was also courous about the 1/17 thingy. But now I know and your brisket looks great and I'm also like the marinade and the rub is what again?? Great job ther B8h8r and keep it up too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Jeff's rub
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I just did 17 pounds of that meat and you guys are making want to start preppin' one on wed for a Fri night smoke! YUMMMY
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