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My two guinea pigs.

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Finally got may freezers.

Thinking about an electric and a propane.
I'll post more pictures as I go.
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Now the fun begins.
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Oh yes those will make some good smokers for sure!
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and here i was all set to provide a rub and finishing sauce recommendation......icon_redface.gif
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I was afraid to open this post, thought the economy broke down and we were going to eat our pets!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
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I really hope that thoses are going to be some smokers because you're not suppose to transport them laying down. But your smokerscan ride in the back seat if they want theyjust cann't drive till they are older.
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First guinea pig being gutted.

My assembled liner.

liner in the freezer shell

I am a little slow at the build because I have this crap called work interfering with my builds and smoking!
More pics to follow.
Thanks for looking.
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Looking forward to more qview!
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Looks like you're off to a great start! Gotta remember that "crap called work" gives us the bucks to pursue this passion we call bbq. Unless of course you're married to a "sugar momma". I know I ain't, but she is one sweet gal though!
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Yep I was scard to open it also. I thought that he was going to have those babies laid out and rubbed down...
Nice job on the smoker...
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Did this project see completion?

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I got packed off doing a job.  Hopefully I will be able to get this finished up in a little bit.biggrin.gif

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Is there going to be any more updates ?

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Yea how did they turn out, or did work get in the way again?

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Hopefully I will be able to continue the build shortly. There will be more pics as I go. Don't give up on me yet!

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