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Mexican Meatloaf Rolled Like Fatty: Q/View

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This is what I end up with when I brainstorm. Sometimes it gets me in trouble and other times it's fabulous. On this one, only time will tell.
Here is a Mexican Meatloaf rolled up like a fatty. I took my normal meatloaf recipe and added Taco seasoning from the package. The inerds are refried beans, mexican cheeses and onions. If this baby turns out, I will give ya all the full recipe.

Ingredients in the meat itself 2-1/4 pounds 80/20:

Rolling it out between two pieces of wax paper:

Added one 16oz can of refried beans:

Mexican cheeses and chopped onion on top of that:

Rollin that monster up:

End shot rolled up:

Wrapped in plastic to help compress and tighten the ends:

It's sittin in the fridge stiffening up now. Goin to put it on around 1-2 o'clock.
Finall Q/View will come in a few hours.

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That is going to be tasty!
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Luv Mexican....can't wait to se your results......we're waitin !!!

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That's a tasty looking fatty.
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Would you call this a fatty? It all beef burger. Just curious.
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To foil not to foil, fat cap up or down, this is not quite as argued but is one where people have one opinion or another.
Technically a fattie was originally a 1lb chub of sausage rubbed and smoked and THEN came the stuffed fattie which we all know and love.
Some will say that it MUST be made from sausage others won't agree. Some will say yes, you are smoking a fattie and others will consider it a stuffed meatloaf.
Whichever direction you choose to go we can all agree that it is going to be a thing of beauty to your taste buds and to our eyes.
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Doesn't really matter what you call it as long as it tastes good. That looks delicious.
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I would also say that it doesn't matter what you call it as long as it is tasting good. I know you will call it "GONE" in our house.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks really good wolf!
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I just sorta had a brain-fart as to whether or not I put this post in the right section. I always thought that a fatty was sausage. This has all the makings of a fatty but it's beef. I guess it's ok in this area?
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Good looking Fattie - wish I was there to taste it
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If it looks like fatty, taste like a fatty, must be a fatty.
I like that combination you got there!points.gif
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call it whatever lets eat it wowPDT_Armataz_01_37.giftaco fatty
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It's Done Q/View

Here's the finished product. I had a piece with just cut tomatoes and hot sauce and it was good. The next piece I had the same but I added sour cream to it. It was real good. The question that I have after every new item that I smoke is; Will I do it again and if so, what would I change? Well this thing, even though it blew-out was really good especially with the sour cream on it. If I were to change anything, I think I would add a little more cheese to it and a little more sriracha and cilento leaves. With that, here's the Q/View:

Here's my blow-out:

The inerds refried beans and mexican cheeses and onions:

Just cut tomatoes and hot sauce:

Same as above with sour-cream added:

I will do this again.

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Looks darn good to me. If it's got ground meat of some kind it's a fatty. I see you found the sriracha hot sauce, good deal. icon_smile.gif
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first thing I w0uld call it a fattie. In my book anything rolled in that style would be a fattie whether it's bread,sausage,beef,chicken,ect.... Great lookin finish. some salsa might go a long way on it also with your mexican theme.
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