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Kudos To Rivets Sauce

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Thanks to RIVETS for being generous enough to share his sauce recipe with me yesterday.....cooked up a batch this mornin....what a great taste....I like that the vinegar taste was not so overpowering as I have tasted in other Memphis sauces....unfortunately I only had a pork country rib I had saved to try it on, but am anxiously waiting to try a pork butt next week for some pulled pork and his sauce.

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Hey Rick, glad you enjoyed it! It is about the best around and I'm glad to share it with you or anyone else.

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i can vouch for that sauce. it is hands-down the most perfect compliment for pulled pork that i can think of.
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Is this the finishing sauce I don't think I have seen it and I wouldn't mind having it so could you post a link to it for me please. I remember a vingar based sauce when I was a kid that a freind of the family used to make and it was to die for.
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Rivets Sauce

This should be it 2nd post.....

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OOOOOPS! Just looked.....did I say Memphis style........hold on there partner....I meant Kansas style......Soooooory!!!

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Where can I find the recipe? I really want to give this a try. Thanks.
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Rivet knows his stuff...I sometimes wake at night from dreams of being his neighbor...LMAO..I must give the sauce a try
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Go back one post I have entered a link that will take you to the recipe.....2 or 3 or so post into the page...

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