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Camping questions?

I would love to make this one. I missed last years. I have a camper, are there any electric sites left or is it first come? If not, what is the closest State Park to you. What is the address?
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I still have spots with 30 amp electric and water
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Jerry with all those propane tanks you putting on a reverse flow building workshop,,,,


Looking forward to this trip!!
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I wish we were Jeff but I still have lots of stuff to get before starting any builds.

I hope people are making plans to attend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sandy and I are attending with her cinnimon rolls and all. LOL
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Hope everyone else is fired up about this. Had about 20 minutes down time today and what came to mind? How long is it before I leave for Jerrys :)
Little over 1 month away.. Lets start making some plans and let me know what we can contribute.
I think I have a couple goat shoulders in the freezer. As usual everyone can plan on some homeade summer sausage... If that is we don't eat it all before everyone arrives...

Come on folks I cant be the only one fired up about this...
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I echo Jeff's comments about being fired up and ready for some fun and good times at the Gathering. Jerry and his wife, Karen, are extremely gracious hosts (to say the least) and his place is fun for all.

Mark (Mballi) and I are going to get together on the general grocery list, soon and will shoot out a note asking for those that will be contributing. We'll be purchasing the essentials for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the past, it's averaged about $25 per SMF person (which includes their family) but as more people contribute, the less it will be.

Can't wait for those darn cinnamon rolls, Rick and Sandy!! Will be great to see ya again!
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MMM Cinimon rolls,,,, I better bring some milk!!
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Better add a cigarette to the end of them. They're THAT good! icon_cool.gif
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that is halarious...
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Now ya'll know those cinnamon rolls are homemade so as the host I guess I better eat the first whole pan of them you know just to make sure they are fit to eat biggrin.gif Well maybe just because I've had them before and know how good they are yummmmmmmmmmm
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You are kind Jerry. I know they arent worth a dmmm. As a good husband I will eat them so Sandy doesnt feel bummed. LOL
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Having been in similar situations Rick, one biskit incident comes to mind, I have found that if others join in and consume said foul food that it makes the offending cook feel even better. So Rick I too will bite the bullet and help you out cause that is just the kind of guy I am... :) :)
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Justin, Alicia and I will be making home made biscuits and sausage gravy one of the mornings for breakfast. My suggestion is to bring stretchy pants and prilosec.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Brian - that sounds sooo good!!

For anyone that hasn't caught on, gluttony will be the main star at this Gathering. icon_cool.gif
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You mean you don't think we'll starve all weekend biggrin.gif
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I think after this past weekend we'll have some bacon for breakfast PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yahoo!! Only a few more weeks, folks!
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Counting down the days!
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Ok ya'll were getting closer i hope you've made plans to attend. We like seeing all the friends that have attended past gatherings but we would also like to make some new friends so ya'll come see us for a day or the weekend the more the better
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