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Well, here's what I got outa taday's smoke in Used ta be Cool:

Stuffed an ready ta smoke.

After the smoke. I sure like the mahogany color these get in the smoker. Sellin like hot cakes lately! Nearly all that is ta fill orders.
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That is some nice lookin sausage
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Man,Tip that is just Top Notch looking sausage...points.giffor the old school way......
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Nice looking sausage Tip, I love the color...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks Great! I like to have some about right now
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Beautiful color !!
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Great color Tip, What size casing, 38?
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Dan, don't know fer sure, was a sampler pack a casin I had, so guessin it's right in that size range.
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Those are some really good looking sausage there Tip. I also like the color and I bet they are fling out the doors. I wouldn't mind making some of them oh yea I am making sausage today. Great job there Tip.
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