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First USD started today

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So I decided that I don't need my dog training drum any longer. Here the begining..

Here I started to remove the lid..

Lid is gone..

A little grinding to remove the sharps..

Now I cut the big bung out to use on the bottom.

Make hole

A little cold forming to fit the contour

Let's make some sparks and clean up a bit. I left the bung plug in to eliminate warpage

Done for the day. I may do a burnout tonight while I ring in the New Year..

Happy New Year everyone..
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you've made a great start PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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nice start.........
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Great tutorial so far Pit, I'm looking forward to the next phase.
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I got her burned out New Years Eve.
I put the wire cup on the grinder , buffed her out and did a test fit on the intake..

I used what paint I had on hand and got her shot before she rusted..

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lookin' good!!!!!!!!
hope that's not "card red" PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I wasn't card red intentionally, but if I end up going to a game to tailgate, I'll be stuffing this thing with chicken thighs, sausage and pork butts..
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looken good keep us updatedPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Looking good!

My son-in-law and I started one for him this weekend.

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Great looking UDS. Looking forward to a qview. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great looking UDS - nice job
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Got my basket built.

Installed some carriage bolts 8 1/4 inches below lid

Now i'm just waiting for my boss to bring by a lid and clamp band so I can fire her up and give the basket a burnout while I play with th temps. I'll work on the damper later. 2" ball valves are out of the budget for a "build on the cheap" so I'll have to rummage around and come up with something creative. I'm chomping at the bit to cook a couple of fat chuck roasts I have. Should I get a pan to go under the basket? Seems it would facilitate cleanout and help catch the drippings..
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Uh oh, Boss just showed up with the lid and clamp. The lid fits on just fine but the clamp doesn't tighten up. I think the lid is for a lidless drum that has a larger bead on top. I noticed also that the lid has a spongey vapor seal where it comes in contact with the drum. I left it on there to give me some draft protection as I didn't feel it would get hot enough at the lid to melt or burn the foam. I did take the rubber o-rings out of the bungs..
Any thoughts?
I have some lump and some old briquettes in the basket and I just tossed a few lit briquettes on top.
Can't wait to smoke in this thing...
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YGTBKM! Is it this easy?

Gotta get some meat in here next...Stay tuned
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looks good!
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