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First beef loin tri tip

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Looking for something different to smoke and came up with this beef loin tri tip. I am planning on a marinade and then smoking but do not have a real good idea of smoking temps. I will probably smoke it until it is about 140 degrees internal temp. Any suggestions or fine points on smoking this beef?
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Hotter the better. If you are only smoking to 140 then there is no real benefit to a low temp smoke IMO.

Crank the heat up and enjoy it.
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FBJ, thank. I was leaning that way based on other information that had this meat cooked on the grill at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. I will give it a try this week and we will see what happens.
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I do mine at 275 for as long as it takes to get to 135-140. Still get a nice little smoke ring. I've done lots this way... turns out great. You can give a quick sear on the grill if you wish, but don't need to. I marinate mine, then coat in mustard and shake on garlic powder and montreal. I'm getting hungry talking about it!
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I know, I am getting hungry just learning what to do with it. Thanks for the tips, pun intended.
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I smoke my steaks /roast at 230-250 and let them go and take it to abput 130-135 or so and let the carry over heat take it alittle higher. Then It's the way we like them rare to medium. Thtas my couple of pennies.
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