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calogen casing stuffing tube size?

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Looking to see what size folks are using to stuff natural sheep casings and the calogen casing you can get at Bass pro-19mm and Gander-21mm.

The sheeps casings i got were fresh. I was using a 1/2 inch tube and it seemed just a touch too big.
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I go with a 3/8" tube for them little suckers, even then they're hard to get on sometimes.
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Now dan is your sausage man here. I have learned really alot from him so listen and read and you'll be making sausage with the best of them I do and have.
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For the 19 MM i use a 3/8 tube but use a little cooking oil on it to help.
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I use the 3/8 tube for my F (richard) stuffer. Also spray with Pam when using collagen, water for natural. I usually can't get an entire hank on, so I have to unfold the hand and then crowd as much onto the tube as possible, kind of reverse accordian it.
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