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BBQ wing question

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I've done alot of wings on the smoker the past year. I have bbq'd them before putting them on the smoker. They have always came out great. just wondering if you guys bbq them after smoking or before. I'm asking because it is a sloppy mess when I put wings in the smoker that are smothered with bbq sauce.
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I've only made them once. I smoked, then fried, then sauced.

Take a look at these from Chisoxjim. They look amazing. I haven't been able to try them yet, but they're on the list.
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I have done a bunch of wings and I like to smoke them first and finish with a good sauce on the grill. I love the hot version of Bone Suckin Sauce - it is hard to find here in CA but it is my favorite with the additon of some red pepper flakes it is mighty tasty
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I setup my CG for indirect grilling when I do wings. I build the fire on the SFB side of the cooking chamber & start with the wings on the other side. Before I put them on I toss them with a little EVOO & dust the with rub. I'll put a foil pack of wood chips on the lit coals for smoke. As the wings get done, I move over closer to the heat to crisp up the skin. Finally, I brush them with BBQ sauce & let that cook on for about 15 mins. Don't want to let the sugar in the sauce scorch.
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I'm confused, since smoking IS Bar-b-que. See you are a newb, so just remember any low and slow cooking is bar-b-que. If it is done on a grill at high heat, it is NOT Bar-b-que. Are you pre-cooking your wings somehow then saucing or are you just talking about adding some sauce to raw meat, then throwing them in the smoker?
I always smoke the chicken, then onto a hot grill grate to crisp up the skin. Since some of the family wants them hot, some sweet, some no sauce at all. We forgo the mess and just add it at the table.

Off smoker

After grill
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I was talking about adding bbq sauce to raw meat then smoking. I guess it would be easier and not as messy to add bbq sauce after smoking then finishing in oven or grill. I' smoking about 26lbs. ahead of time for this comming saturday. So I will probably heat up in oven.
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I have always grilled my wings but I really do want to smoke some. I have smoked alot of whole chickens but never done wings. But I must try some and I know I have some in the freezer so maybe soon. Yours really sound good too.
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I smoke them a little hotter then normal and just glaze them the last hour. Everybody loves them.
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Well I'll tell you, I also have the GOSM, and it turns out chicken really nice, and without the rubbery skin. I usually coat the pieces in EVOO, and apply a simple rub. I smoke the wings around 2 hours at 250-260, applying a sauce (buffalo, orange marmalade+sriracha, etc) the last 30-45 mins on the smoker. They can be eaten at this point.

What I sometimes do, is after smoking them, I get the grill ready for medium direct, dip the wings in your sauce again, and place on grill for a couple of minutes on each side. This will carmelize the sauce, and you will have great looking and yummy wings.
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